New York Senator Wants An Apology From Lil Wayne

After Lil Wayne told MTV News, “Flat out, I don’t like New York,” the New Orleans rapper is catching some flack from New Yorkers, including a state politician, for his shots at the Big Apple.

Queens Senator Malcolm Smith issuing a press release with the following statement, demanding Weezy apologize:

New York City is the birthplace of the Hip Hop music movement. Millions of New Yorkers listen to his music every day. His comments has outraged his local fans and residents. The group today will be demanding an apology of the hip hop star. Lil Wayne has had misfortune in New York with recent gun charges and a jail sentence.

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  • P.M

    Can’t even say what you feel no more, if they don’t like what he said don’t buy his music. Don’t force an apology, people say what they really mean n have to say sorry because u may have offended somebody.

  • Hannibal

    So that’s what senators do now? issue press releases based on opinions by rappers. Smith has always been a publicity hound but this takes the cake. turn off your ipod and start focusing on issues affecting the community. Then you wonder why the youth don’t vote

  • B.Raider

    I can Understand why he doesnt like ny

  • one900romello

    I think this is a bit to far to ask for apology. It’s his opinion about the place not what comes from here or what started from here. How many times has a New Yorker said F-NY for whatever reason?

  • hardbody doing numbers

    he aint gotta say shit mannnn if he hate new york then fuck new york….jus lik thattttttt

  • O.skino

    That’s ok, cause his music isn’t New York& couldn’t hold a CANDLE with the best of New York!! When ni66as think of New York, they think hip hop… When ni66as think of New Orleans, they think of crawlfish & madi gras… Not the HotBoyz!!