Last night (August 7), Machine Gun Kelly gave his fans the news they were waiting for— he’s locked and loaded for October 9 for the release of his debut album, Lace Up.

MGK delivered the news via a live Ustream chat, before reinforcing it via his own Twitter account:

“Lace Up” the Album officially releases in stores October 9th!!! Pre-order at!! LTFU” he tweeted out to the masses.

The day before yesterday, on Monday (August 6), Kells debuted his new track, “Hold On (Shut Up),” featuring Young Jeezy. The track should only help the young Cleveland rhyme slinger gain momentum as he approaches his release date.

MGK also revealed that he has a song called “Lace Up,” which serves as way more than just a title track. It’s paying homage to the movement that he reps every time he throws up that ‘L.’

“I’ve never made a song called ‘Lace Up,’ and I was like, ‘Fuck it, I’ve got to do one,’” he recently told Rap-Up. “When Lil Jon came into the studio, I was like, ‘You’re not getting on the song [that will be] the anthem of my movement if you don’t truly understand this,’ and we sat there for about an hour and I ran through countless amounts of fan tattoos with ‘Lace Up’ on them, countless amounts of show footage, countless amounts of messages from fans. Dude was like, ‘Yo, this is real’ – towards the point where he was like ‘I’ve gotta get on this song.’ We did it, and it’s the real Lil Jon you want to hear on it.”

The last several months have been a great success for MGK, considering he was named one of 10 2012 XXL Freshman and followed that up by touring with rap’s road warrior Tech N9ne for his Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour.

Last year, he seen a childhood dream come to fruition, when he got to collaborate with hip-hop hero DMX on “I Don’t Dance.”—Jakinder Singh