It’s been nine months since 20-year-old Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller made history with his debut album, Blue Slide Park, becoming the first independent artist in 16 years to reach the No. 1 spot on Billboard. After selling 144,000 copies of his LP in it’s first week Mac’s got a tall order to fill as he puts together his yet to be titled sophomore LP, but Mac seems focused on the music more than record sales.

“Making history was awesome, I don’t care about that with this album," Miller recently told MTV News. "I don’t care if we go #1. I don’t care about selling records."

Mac also revealed he had completed 22 records and was still in the process of recording.

“I think I’m really creating an album that expresses more of where I’m at right now mentally," he continued. "It’s gonna be awesome and it’s gonna be a trip into my head.”

Though Mac’s sophmore album isn’t due till 2013, Mac has continued to release free music, not straying from the formula that got him to the point he is today in the first place. In March, he released the well received Macadelic, and his collaborative effort with Pharell entitled Pink Slime is next in line. Fans can check out the second single, “Glow,” which he recently released and will be included as part of the project, here.—XXL Staff