With his upcoming fourth studio LP, Food & Liqour II: The Great American Rap Album, slated for a fall release, Lupe Fiasco issued a warning to listeners regarding the album’s upcoming second single, “Lamborghini Angels.”

“Warning: if you are easily offended or religiously sensitive DO NOT listen to Lamborghini Angels,” Lupe tweeted yesterday (August 7). “Contains very disturbing content. Listener discretion is thoroughly advised.”

The song is scheduled to hit the net on August 14. The single’s black and white cover has a halo and nothing more, with the track’s title underneath.

Lupe’s no stranger to controversy. The Chicago rapper has made headlines for his views on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict on the politically charged “Words I Never Said”, as well as calling President Obama “the biggest terrorist” in the world during an interview with CBS last year.

Lupe’s first single off Food and Liqour 2 is “Bitch Bad,” which discusses the way the word “bitch” is used in hip-hop and its effect on the way youth has come to associate the term with women.

Food & Liqour II is scheduled to hit stores September 25th.—XXL Staff