Just when the public thought things have cooled down with Lindsay Lohan, she's under the spotlight again. This time, she's being accused of stealing $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses. The former child actress is denying the claim, and reportedly telling her friends that the real culprit is none other than the son of the notorious hip-hop mogul, Suge Knight.

According to TMZ, the theft occurred at the home of Sam Magid, a close friend to Lohan. On Monday, Magid informed the police officials that he was in touch with two of Ms. Lohan's friends. Andrew Knight (supposedly Suge Knight's son) is one of the two friends, who claimed on the night of the theft, Lindsay had passed him and a friend two to three stolen pieces bagged in her t-shirt. Lohan's two friends apparently returned the items to Mr. Magid, but other jewelry items were not returned.

Magid got in touch with Lohan, who claims that she purposely hid additional items from him as a precautionary measure for the goods not to be stolen. He also added that the trouble actress admitted that she was on Ambien, a medicinal drug used to cure insomnia, when she hid the jewelry and isn't clear on the events that occurred.

Although Lohan is accusing Knight, it appears that the police authorities isn't believing her claim. Stay tuned as this story develops.—XXL Staff (@XXL)