What was suppose to be a happy event turned sour  for Juvenile.

The New Orleans rapper was arrested for disorderly conduct last night (August 19) in Miami, just a short time after appearing with Lil Wayne at LIV nightclub.

According to the Miami Beach Police Offense Incident Case Report Summary, a fight broke out inside the club. "[Juvenile] was involved in the fight, however it was unknown exactly what were defendants [sic] actions during the fight," the report, obtained by XXL, reads. He "was with a group of individuals along with co-defendants that he saw in the middle of the fight as it occurred inside the club."

Though the fight began inside the club, the report explained that it "then spilled outside to the front of the hotel," and roughly 100 people were "yelling and screaming and some were pushing." Juvie was reportedly heading towards his vehicle to leave the scene when he was involved in an altercation with an "unknown subject."

The veteran MC has since been released and is blaming the club for what happened. "Man, that club LIV on the beach has a security problem and I got caught up in it," Juvenile said to XXLMag.com via text message. "That's all."

It's unclear as of press time if the rapper has to appear in court at a later date, as a result of the citation. —Adam Fleischer with additional reporting by Mark Lelinwalla