Detroit rapper Young Calicoe is still under investigation for showing a horde of animals on his property and hinting at conducting dog fights in a clip that surfaced on the 'net recently.

Michigan Live is reporting that the Michigan Humane Society is still investigating to see whether the rapper should face criminal charges.

"The issue is still ongoing," said Humane Society spokesperson Kevin Hatman to "There's a lot that goes into a potential dog fighting prosecution. Right now, we're waiting on the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office to make a charging decision."

Calicoe made national headlines last month, when a video of him showing a throng of animals on his property and hinting at conducting dog fights and cockfights hit the ’net.

“We’ve gotta fuckin’ zoo over here,” he says during one point of the MTV Cribs-styled tour of his property in the clip. “Anybody want to fight some dogs? I hope we don’t get indicted for that…that Michael Vick-type shit.”

Later, the camera pans to dogs and roosters. “We fight them too,” he confirmed, acknowledging the rooster. “Anything that’s got to do with gambling, put some money up, we do it.”

Detroit Police became privy to the video—which was shot by Midnight TV Hood Reality—seized the animals from the property and launched an investigation into the matter.

Calicoe’s manager, who only went by “Jason” when speaking to, said the video was just a “skit.”

"That's all it was, entertainment, that's it," Calicoe’s manager said. "He's just sitting back waiting for this to just blow over, so he can eventually talk about it, so there's no unanswered questions."—Jakinder Singh