Beanie Sigel Arrested After Traffic Stop, Guns and Drugs Found in Car

Beanie Sigel was arrested near his Philadelphia hometown early this morning (August 29) after police noticed the vehicle the rapper was traveling in was tailing another car too closely while swerving across lanes.

According to ABC News local affiliate, 6 ABC, Sigel, born Dwight Grant, and another man, Gerald Andrews, were pulled over and a search of the former Roc-A-Fella star revealed cash, a bottle of codeine and prescription pills.

A gun was found in the center console of the vehicle, but as of press time it remains unclear who possessed the firearm. Both men, however, are convicted felons and under Pennsylvania law, neither are permitted to own a gun. A rep for Sigel has yet to respond to inquires.

Beans recently released This Time, an independent project on Philadelphia’s famed Ruffhouse Records label and the rapper was set to turn himself into prison next month on a tax wrap.

Though disappointed, Ruffhouse CEO Chris Schwartz offered the following statement to XXL in support of his artist:

“Obviously, we’re very disappointed. However, Beanie has done nothing, but display the utmost professionalism in all of the initiatives related to the promotion of his new release [This Time]. Beanie has obviously been struggling with some personal issues, and we continue to support him now and throughout his impending incarceration.”

Sigel still remains in custody.

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  • rappers

    what a waste of EVERYTHING….loved his album but that will be the last we hear from Beans…..what a dick

  • onenutned

    man this nigga jus’ love them 3 hots and a cot…that’s gotta be a world record for rapper wit’ the most arrest…yo’ vanessa check into that bet?

    • Tha North $tar

      dmx still has the world record

  • JRR

    I love Beans but he gotta be the dumbest negro in the world. Should be a legend in the game. Truly a waste.

  • Truth

    Man…man…man…I won’t even put all the blame on Beans. Black men, we just need to do better. I just have this feeling that we need to step it up and stop the violence, drugs, and everything else that can get us locked up or in trouble in some type of way. That time has passed. The time has come to become a people with a purely positive reputation.

  • Verbalation

    I agree onenutned, seems unreal that he would be this stupid. Money allows you to buy things and go places. It does not make you untouchable, better get a clue brutha

  • Tha North $tar

    i snorted bunch of oxys last weekend, who cares