50 Cent Talks Snoop Dogg’s Reggae Persona Snoop Lion: “I Think It Will Work”

Snoop Dogg helped 50 Cent deliver one of his biggest commercial hits with “P.I.M.P.” off ’Fif classic album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ back in 2003. Earlier this year, Snoop assisted 50 on his “Remain Calm” track off the G-Unit general’s, The Big 10 mixtape. On both occasions, Snoop was in his laid-back, gangster element.

That being said, Snoop definitely threw 50—and many others—for a loop, when he announced his transformation into reggae artist Snoop Lion in support of his upcoming reggae album, Reincarnated.

’Fif weighed in on Snoop’s Rastafarian persona during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s interesting,” 50 said. “Of course, there will be some people who connect to it and there will be some people that run from it—I don’t know how his little league team’s parents will feel about his new persona. But again, it’s a persona—these are the choices he’s created for himself creatively. And, you know, I think it will work.”

Although Snoop has changed his persona, 50 doesn’t think he’ll stray too far away from being the marijuana-loving rhyme slinger that rap fans have loved for years. If anything, ’Fif has reason to believe that Snoop Lion will only magnify that quality.

“Snoop’s always been that,” he says. “In the very beginning, that was his consistent theme—he had the weed, and everything else was there. [But] for hip-hop culture, it will work, because there’s enough of that going on; Wiz Khalifa, his entire theme is that. I’ve consistently seen artists sell 500,000 copies with that as a theme: Redman, Method Man, Styles P.”

50 Cent appears in the film Freelancers, which puts him alongside Robert De Niro and Forest Whitaker. The movie opens in theaters in Los Angeles and New York City today (August 10), while it’s scheduled for Blu-ray and DVD release on August 21. ‘Fif recently spoke to XXL about everything from Freelancers to his upcoming album Street King Immortal to his current relationship with Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, entering the world of boxing promotion and Kanye West’s “Perfect Bitch.”

Meanwhile, Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated project is supposed to drop later this year.—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • ariel

    actually eminem and royce da 5’9 came out with a joint album….

    • Smitty

      they meant since the throne came out last august….em and royce dropped in june

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    no collaborative albums err Bad Meets Evil: Hell The Sequel…
    Eminem and Royce Da 5’9…

  • http://ungratefulassrapper.com Ryan

    This rapper has to the most fucking ignorant person of all time. He doesn’t think that Kanye “The God” West and a slew of rap heavyweights jumping on his song helped propel him to the top? Somebody please tell Mr. Keef that reason is the ONLY reason he is in his current position and then punch him and throw him down some stares. You have to be fucking kidding me now with these ignorant ass rappers not giving respect where its due thats the shit I don’t like!

  • Adam

    No one know who Chief Keef was until the remix dropped

  • jaysonmanman

    A simple thank u would suffice. Show sum class…find sum class.

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    Who is the online editor!? This posting is sloppy with grammatical errors. XXL is supposed to be a respectable website, put some more effort into editing your posts prior to posting.


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      (1)This year’s installment had Smack bring back Loaded Lux and Serius Jones as the legends, who were up against against rising battle rappers like Charlie Clips and others

      (2)before being cruising to victory

      All types of errors in there!