Young Buck was sentenced to three years in prison on Friday (July 13) following being convicted on weapons charges. The judge sentenced the former G-Unit rapper to serve his two counts concurrently, spelling a total of 18 months in jail. He'll have to report to prison on August 13. 

The judge also ordered Buck to stay off drugs and mandated that the rapper be subject to court-ordered supervision three years after his release.

Calls and emails to Buck and his attorney, Robin Mitchell Joyce, weren't immediately returned, but the former G-Unit rhyme slinger did speak to NBC affiliate WSMV-TV upon walking out the court Friday.

"With the judge not considering my history to subtract some time, I'm just thankful for what time I do have," Young Buck told WSMV-TV.

The former G-Unit rapper, real name David Darnell Brown, has fallen on nothing but hard times in the past few years.

In August 2010, his Tennessee mansion was raided by federal agents, as they seized jewelry, platinum plaques and slapped the rapper with gun possession charges. Buck would later file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Then in October 2010, the IRS announced plans to auction off Buck's seized property. This past March, an already rocky time only got rockier, when Buck's SUV was riddled by 11 bullets, wounding his girlfriend in the shoulder. Buck, however, left the violent incident unscathed.

“I’ve had some rough times,” he added to WSMV. “I’ve been fighting the bankruptcy situation, and there were some court situations.”

All this being said, Buck receiving 18 months, instead of a full three years in prison, has to be deemed as a break. One that Buck is accepting of and plans on coming out a better person after surviving the ordeal.

“My pride is through the roof,” Buck said. “My head is held high, and I’m just looking to get all this behind me.”-Mark Lelinwalla