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Sultry slam poet Yazmine Li claims to not know how to be sexy. Humility is one thing, but one look at her portfolio and it’s clear that’s not the case at all. The New York native’s fast rise through the modeling world has boosted her confidence in her “exotic look” and “bubbly personality,” which set her apart from other models. While in high school, Yazmine dreamt of modeling but never seriously considered until a friend took her to a shoot. Since then, she has hosted parties with Maino, her hip measurements have grown from 30 to 40, and she’s managed to maintain her humble, optimistic self. XXLMag.com caught up with the paralegal studies major to discuss tattoos, her specific taste in men and her love of attention. – Christopher Minaya (@CM_3)

It looks like you have no tattoos.

Yeah, I don’t; I’m not a fan of tattoos because I feel tattoos are pointless, honestly. I got a beautiful body, and I don’t need ink. I think ink will actually ruin the beauty of my body. I don’t believe in facial piercing. None of that.

Did you think about modeling before your friend brought you to a shoot?

No! It’s weird ‘cause I used to watch music videos and like, ‘Oh, I wish I could be one of those girls or at least try.’

I imagine in high school and college you used to be hit on all the time. No?

Oh no. I used to be ugly. Oh my gosh! (Laughs) I used to be extra skinny. I used to be a tomboy. I was just never the pretty one, which is funny ‘cause I’m from a small town. It’s like everybody who knew me then and still know me try to act like the past never happened, but I have no problem reminding them. So, that was never the case; like right now, I feel like I just hit my prime or I’m going into my prime because I’m only 21.

What do you look for in men?

Light-skinned. No tattoos are a plus. 5”10 or taller and has to be at least 160 lbs. or more. I usually go for 180, but nowadays, a lot of people are skinny. And if you’re gonna be brown-skinned, he’s gonna be gorgeous, like nice skin, no flaws, white teeth.

You only like light-skinned guys?

I am attracted to light-skinned guys; a lot of opposites attract. But, I do love brown-skinned/dark-skinned men that are cute. It just all depends. The physical attraction definitely has to be there though. I usually go for a light-skinned guy, but if I can find a gorgeous brown-skinned guy, why not?

What do you enjoy most about modeling:

Attention because [it was something] I just never was used to, so it just feels good to know that I can look a certain way and get attention. Only I know how far I’ve come, so that’s what I like about it; I just like the attention.

What do you enjoy most about being in a relationship:

Not being alone. Like, knowing you can be with somebody and you can talk on the phone about absolutely nothing. Or, you could just be around them doing absolutely nothing; you don’t need a reason to chill and just know you have someone to go to.

What do you enjoy most about being single?

Can do what the fuck you want and not worry about answering to nobody. Like, ‘I ain’t your girl.’

What do you enjoy most about sex?

I love getting head. I like the thought of turning the guy on; that’s what I like about sex ‘cause that turns me on knowing that I can turn him on. I like back shots too; I can look back at me. ‘Yeah, that’s me. I’m doing all this.’ Head just feels really good, all depends if he knows what he’s doing. But, I’m not gonna say I don’t like giving head. If he can give head that good then I wouldn’t have no problems giving him amazing head too.