XXL Quick Hitters: Kid Cudi, Missy Elliott, and Kid Ink


KID CUDI: Reveals Featured Guests On Indicud

Cudi tweeted that Kanye West, Pusha T and Kendrick Lamar will be on the album, while he aims to get assists from the likes of Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Llod Banks as well. [@ducidni]


Missy Elliot

Missy Elliott Says Her Lamborghini Is Behind Held Hostage
Missy has filed a lawsuit against Florida’s Fox Valley Motor Cars, claiming that they haven’t let go of the Lambo Aventador that she already bought for $376,000. [TMZ]

Kid Ink Talks Creative Process
The 2012 XXL Freshman talks creating Up & Away and signing to a major label. [Sermonsdomain]

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  • real southerner

    only fake ass ross would put out a rapper named *young breed* when everybody who loves southern rap knows young *bleed* off of no limit. he’s still putting out records, indie, he was affiliated with tech n9ne as recently as last year…

  • http://www.donbeats.com/ Cool1

    DONBEATS.COM – online since 2005.

    Diamonds for your album .


    Wack Azz is going to wait 17 years to file a lawsuit? GTFOH!!!! 17 years homie? If you didn’t get no bread by 2000, then you should have sued then. Dumb azz tryna to get pub.

  • francis nasim

    okay niga now ya talkin’ pump me up up wit that dr. dre alice combo OHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pump me up fifty-i got chu now ninga -oh here i go -pump me up ninga i got that diddy style they dont even make em like these no mo’-yes i feel you alicia man!-im wit you tyson lenox on the way-book that homey!

  • CT

    what are all of these unrelated comments???? XXL, get your sh!t straight!!!!!

  • aaron

    50 is just what Hip Hop needs ….love this…….

  • truth

    This is considered Rap news ? Wow XXL.

  • Murda_860

    When is 50 Cent gonna realize that nobody wants to hear new music from him anymore. NOBODY.

  • aaron

    come on my people…jay z do not have the power to say who is or not on the team….great signing by the nets

  • the youth better start wearing bullet proof

    fair well big L .

  • jholla

    Really millz????? cause youve been on the YM roster for a HOT ASS MINUTE AND STILL HAVE NO FUCKIN ALBUM NIGGA!!!!!!!! Pusha T signed to probably the hottest camp but yet my nigga is wack!……smh Lil twist is about to have an album come out before you. Get a fuckin album out first before you start throwin jabs at a real nigga that came in the game “GRINDIN” cause the way its lookin for you is…….”them niggas aint dying for ya”

  • Pat

    Not Webby’s type of beat. Still kills it.