XXL Quick Hitters: Bow Wow Sued by Pornstar; Eminem, Pharrell and Nelly


French Porn Star Says Bow Wow Stole Her Dance

Adult actress Katsuni has filed a lawsuit against the rapper, alleging that Bow Wow used her signature dance in his video “Drank in My Cup.” [Courthouse News]


Eminem Breaks Facebook Record

Em set a Facebook benchmark for becoming the first person to reach 60 million likes on the social networking giant. He averages 24,000 likes per day. [CNET]


Pharrell Covers Highsnobiety Magazine

Skateboard P is the cover subject of Highsnobiety’s arctic-themed issue, appearing ice cold in a Canada Goose jacket. [Highsnobiety]

Nelly Visited T.I. in Jail Both Times

Nelly’s a good friend. The St. Louis rapper proved that by visiting Tip both times that he was incarcerated. [Vlad TV]

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  • Jessica

    this shit should of gotten a SMFH..Iggy is garbage and she has no story no matter who cosigns her she didnt come from nothing she grew up in a great home in a great neighborhood. Just because she loves the culture doesnt mean shit…the passion, pain, suffereing and struggle that is the culture she CANNOT relate to. yall need to quit giving this broad shine…and feature real talent like RedMic or Nitty Scott MC, so many other women with something real to say who dont show there ass every chance they get. FUCK Iggy she is the nail in the coffin for hip hop. Thank You RedMic and Nitty Scott MC!

  • x

    come on adam a large? this chick should get a m if not an s i mean what did she really do on this “ep” she didn’t make the beat (obviously), she has a feature on damn near every song, only “sings” but is basically just talking on 2 of the 6 songs, definitely didn’t write any of the hooks, and im not even completely sure that she wrote all her mediocre ass verses. She doesn’t deserve any credit for this project

  • Jamaica

    Y’all were mighty generous. Her lyrics are horrible. Her production is her only half-saving quality. She needs to grind for a decade then come back and we’ll see….

  • SleazyJ

    Seriously, I would’ve gave this shit an S.
    It’s horribly bad, she has no flow, longevity or anything. She’s right up there with Soulja Boy & Lil’ B.

    She has T.I. – awful song, stupid chrous & even dumber video.
    She has Mike Posner with his awful falsetto wannabe shit.
    Pusha T was the only good feature on this & I didn’t even get to his part before I turned the song off..
    B.o.B. was strong, but it just ended up sounding like a pop record..

    Iggy shouldn’t have been a 2012 Freshman, XXL step your game up.

  • James

    Iggy Azalea sucks. I wish you guys would cover Bailee Moore….

  • Chi-Town King

    Honestly , this album isn’t good at all. I respect her as an artist in the game. But she needs to seriously step her game up. To me the best female MC out right now is 3D Na’Tee. I think you guys should do a review on her mixtape “The Coronation” Best music I heard all year!