In the mid-1990s, the Fugees took the hip-hop world by storm with their Grammy-winning album, The Score. They haven't released another official album in the more than 15 years, since, however, and Wyclef recently spoke on where his relationship with former groupmate Lauryn Hill currently stands.

"Actually, I ain't speak to Lauryn—it's been a minute," he told VladTV. "I heard about a little drama she got in the news, wishing her [the best] on that. I was on the phone with Pras earlier. It's all good. Nothin' but love for the Fugees."

Though the two haven't been in contact in some time, that didn't cloud the Haitian musician's positive memories of their times together. "When we first was coming out, I basically went to a live stock store, and I bought a goat," he reminisced, beginning what he said was one of his favorite stories. "I brought the goat back to the hood, and then I put a Fugees t-shirt on the goat with some shades, and I took the goat to New York, because we was opening up for a group called Jodeci. Think about that, you in a club, and two Haitians and one American show up, and before the rock, you see a goat come out on stage with a green t-shirt on it. The funny part of the story, the goat shitted on the entire stage, and the crowd was pissed off."

Clef also revealed that he'll be releasing a book in September. "My first book is called Purpose, 'cause that's the first thing I did; I had to find my purpose," he said. "That's what a lot of us go through. There's kids watching this right now, grinding, and they gettin' hated on. The first book is Purpose. It's like a biography."

Watch the entire interview below. —Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL)