Who's the best MC—Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas? The age-old debate has been heated barbershop talk in New York City for years, continuing to this day.

Well, repping the East New York section of Brooklyn, Uncle Murda decided to take the topic and narrow it down to the two MCs from the Borough of Kings. On his new track, “Who Da G.O.A.T. (B.I.G. Vs. Jay),” Murda tackles the hip-hop hot-button debate of which BK MC is better.

“Biggie and Jay, two of the greatest/What we tryna figure out is who is the greatest,” Murda spits on the record. “Who was Mike Tyson in his prime? Who was Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan with the rhyme?/I’m talking about the best of the best/Who was the greatest of all time?”

Murda explained putting the barbershop banter to music to XXL recently.

“Everybody talk about that at every barbershop… everybody has that conversation,” Murda said. “Some people feel like Jay-Z is the greatest. Even if people thought it 2pac or Nas is the greatest, it was always a Biggie/Jay-Z thing. I said, 'Let me make music about that and make something epic' being that I'm signed to Epic, shout out to LA Reid.”

Murda himself, says that he's lost count at the times him and his homies weighed in on which legend is better in Bk.

"I can't even count," he said laughing. "We've talked about that from every barbershop to every street corner to just being in the lobby while you're gambling. That conversation always comes up."

When asked if B.I.G. had lived, how would Hov's career pan out, Murda offered:

"Sometimes I think Jay's career would have been bigger because he's so much of a hustler," Murda admitted. "Another part of me feels like he would have been second to B.I.G."

Just because Murda's Brooklyn bias left Nas out the conversation, the rhyme slinger made sure to reference God's Son on the song.

"And I’m not tryna shit on Nas/Trust me, I know I ain’t got shit on Nas,” Murda exclaims.

"Nas is a legend and I'm saying I know I can't...certain things are etched in stone," Murda told XXL, making sure to say that the Queensbridge lyricist is in a separate league, one that he acknowledges he’s not in.

Uncle Murda says he's currently "scheming on a DJ" (possibly Drama or Green Lantern) to helm his upcoming mixtape, The First 48, which comedian and rap favorite Mike Epps is hosting. The mixtape is set to feature the likes of Maino, Waka Flocka Flame and French Montana.—Mark Lelinwalla