Diplo's latest signee drops off Summer of Surf, a collection of the viral sensation's best previously released tracks. Download here and peep the tracklist below.

1. Intro
2. Cuz My Gear (Ft. Chief Keef)
3. Bath Salts (Ft. Ghetty)
4. Porche Cayenne (Ft. Bars Murre)
5. Jenny Craig (Ft. JP)
6. Squirt (Ft. Lil Debbie)
7. Orion's Belt (Ft. Kitty Pride)
8. Otis
9. Larry Bird
10. Brain Freeze (Ft. Lil Debbie)
11. Hide N Seek (Ft. Lil Sister)
12. Jose Canseco (Ft. Fat Pimp)
13. Marc Jacobs
14. Deion Sandals
15. So Throwed
16. Tatted Like A Biker Boy
17. Cookie Crisp
18. Suck My Dick With A Muthafuckin C
19. Time
20. You Never Know
21.Versace Python