Rick Ross Responds to “Freeway” Ricky Ross’ Identity Lawsuit Still Being Alive

After hearing the news that drug kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross’ identity lawsuit against Rick Ross is still alive, the Bawse had something to say.

When Funkmaster Flex, of New York City’s Hot 97 dial, asked Rozay last night (July 19) about if he was surprised on the recent court motion, the Miami MC admitted that he absolutely was.

“Really I was [surprised] because dudes that really supposed to come from the street, we could have met and spoke face to face and maybe did this another way, but homie wanted to go through the courts and say that I was rapping in all of my songs about his life and in my songs I’m talking about his life and it’s just not true,” Ross told Flex.

“Shout out to my team,” Rozay added. “We done batted down the first two and we gonna bat down this last one and hopefully homie could have him some peace.”

The latter part of the Bawse’s statement is referring to a judge throwing out “Freeway’s” original $10 million lawsuit against Ross in a 2010 ruling because the former drug kingpin couldn’t legitimately show he had trademark rights to the name. He then re-filed his lawsuit, only for a second judge to dismiss it on the statute of limitations having passed, as it was deemed that Rozay was already famous by 2005.

Now, Ross will try to beat “Freeway” in the court for the third time.

Earlier this week, multiple reports, including Billboard.Biz, reported that a California state judge rejected Warner Bros. Records’ motion to dismiss “Freeway” Ricky Ross’ lawsuit against Rozay—the suit alleging that Rozay had misappropriated the name and identity of “Freeway” Ricky Ross—ruling that the statute of limitations hadn’t expired.

In essence, that kept part of “Freeway’s” lawsuit against Ross alive.—Jakinder Singh

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