Prodigy Talks About James Rosemond Confessing to Tupac Quad Studios Shooting [Video]

An 18-year mystery seemingly came to an end, last week, when reports surfaced that Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond confessed his involvement in the 1994 Quad Studios New York City shooting of Tupac Shakur during proffer sessions with the government last fall.

Shakur was robbed and suffered five bullet wounds. Though he would eventually accuse Rosemond of setting him up on The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory‘s “Against All Odds”—a record that was released after his death—Shakur initially blamed former friends The Notorious B.I.G. and Sean “Puffy” Combs for the ambush, which ignited the infamous coastal feud of the mid ’90s.

Prodigy, who also feuded with ‘Pac and was on the front lines representing the East Coast during the feud, recently reacted to Rosemond’s confession.

“People that are in the know, that know a lot of street people in New York, they knew that already,” P told XXL of Rosemond’s confession. I had a connection with ‘Pac. We had friends in common from Queens. They started tellin’ me the story about how ‘Pac knew that had nothin’ to do with Biggie. He was just tryin’ to create controversy to sell records. He knew how to create that controversy to make it bigger in the media and all that type of shit. Just seein’ it all come to surface now, it’s just like, ‘Wow.’”

Two weeks ago, Rosemond was found guilty of conspiring to kill a 50 Cent associate. He was found guilty of running a multimillion-dollar, cross-country cocaine shipping operation three weeks prior.—Carl Chery

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  • QB Jamaica

    He’s lying. Pac ain’t never say that to nobody. This dude is next. “wow”-really?-See you in traffic on the Van Buren homie.

  • Mark Curtis

    everyone knows that henchman did it. Its common knowledge

  • Mark Curtis

    Pac knew that Biggie never set him up. The problem with Biggie was that Pac, said that Biggie never informed him what was going to happen. The reason why this was, was because it was going to be a beatdown. It was never meant to be a shooting. It was a beating. Pac shot himself once going for his own gun. Biggie kept warning him and warning him that something was going to go down. But when it went down, the warning never came.

  • JTown757

    Interesting; I thought it was known that Pac was mad at Biggie for knowing abut the ambush beforehand, not that Biggie try to get at Pac himself. That’s a big difference. Also, why is Prodigy talking about this now? Was he even there at the shooting? Seems like Prodigy is still bitter at Pac for dissing him, even though Mobb Deep dissed him back.

  • the G.O.D


    Stop snitching, P.


  • alderman j

    Its called Reading for COMPREHENSION…no one who commented before me have an understanding of this…read and comprehend what you read……not read and then make up a bunch of shit to talk about and intertwine it with what i read!!!

  • dee1

    yea prodigy still bitter. and ya own producer say u a fruit. Fuck outta here. Career over u trying to get an extra 15

  • Tracey

    JAY ROCK’s “WESTSIDE”..gets a huge shoutout…13/16..ATOMIC BOMB!

  • Tracey

    about time mainstream..#BLACK HIPPY….

  • LoonyT


  • Abdool

    Prodigy is a SNITCH ! Jimmy never admitted nothing.

  • Abdool

    Also. Anyone that knows the situation knows pac shot himself by accident that night.