Pitbull has had “International Love” since last year and now has proven to have interstate love as well, also keeping his word in the process.

Thanks to a Walmart and Sheets Energy Strips promotion, Pit performed in Kodiak, Alaska yesterday (July 30), nowhere his hometown of Miami, Florida.

The Boston Phoenix writer David Thorpe, who concluded that it would be amusing to send Pit to the most remote Walmart, nominated the uncommon location for his performance.

Thorpe urged fans to visit the Walmart in Kodiak’s Facebook page, since the Walmart that received the most likes on its Facebook page would determine where Pit would perform. The writer’s prank would come to fruition after Kodiak’s page received over 70,000 likes, leaving the Florida native with the ultimatum of following his agreement to perform through or calling off the show.

“You have to understand,” Pit said, while on tour, once he got the news that The Last Frontier would be the spot for his performance. “I will go anywhere in the world for my fans.”

He was not lying. The multi-genre artist went to Kodiak’s Coast Guard base and performed in front of 250 people or so, one of them being Thorpe, the writer turned prankster, who was invited by Pit. Further, Mr. Worldwide also took the time out to meet with the town’s Walmart employees, take pictures with fans and a stuffed bear and also received a Kodiak survival kit from Walmart. The kit consisted of bear bells, bear repellent and boots.

As thanks to him making good on his promise, Pat Branson, mayor of Kodiak, honored Pit, born Armando Christian Perez, by awarding him a key to the city. Still, one promise was not enough as Pit also vowed to reference Kodiak in a song. He will also probably refer to Miami Subs Grill as well, on account of his new position as both a partner and board member of the fast-food chain.—Christopher Minaya