Noreaga had it rough last month.

A loyal Queens native, who has lived in Miami for seven years now, had to watch the same Miami Heat, who eliminated his New York Knicks earlier in the playoffs, go on to clinch the NBA championship.

Even though N.O.R.E. partook in the post-championship partying in Miami—tweeting “I find any reason to drink I’m not really a heat fan y am I celebrating—he tells XXL that he’s not gonna be a Heat fan anytime soon.

“Nah man, I’m such a hater,’” he said. “Once the Knicks got out, I was rooting for OKC [The Oklahoma City Thunder]. It was hard going to bars out here [in Miami]. Don’t get me wrong, congrats to LeBron James, congrats to Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem, but the New York in me wouldn’t allow me to cheer for them.”

That being said, N.O.R.E. admitted that it’s awfully hard sometimes to be a Knicks fan.

“I’mma be honest, as hardcore Knick, New York dude, Carmelo Anthony is the actual element that made me feel comfortable rooting for my city,” he said. “He has swag, he’s a cool dude, he’s a killer scorer…and he’s like me, a fellow ‘Nigga Rican.’ When I saw him come to the team, I went back full support of the Knicks. I can’t wait until next season.”

Will the Knicks get better over the summer and bring a championship home for their city? They have much work to do. The team is still looking to re-sign Jeremy Lin and is eyeing free agent Steve Nash.—Shaheem Reid (@ShaheemReid)