Nate Dogg’s Assets to Be Split Amongst His Six Children

Legendary R&B crooner Nate Dogg had six children and no will when he died of multiple strokes in March of 2011.

According to TMZ, a lawyer has been named to divvy up his assets of $200,000 in real estate. The celebrity news website reports that probate documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court yesterday (July 24) list Nate’s home in Pomona, California at $350,000 in value, but that he still owed $150,000.

The documents add that Nate’s four daughters and two sons may very well inherit much more than the $200,000. That’s because earnings from the G-Funk singer’s catalog is expected to be added to the sharing.

Born Nathaniel D. Hale, Nate was a frequent collaborator of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Warren G, but went on to work with rappers like 50 Cent, Eminem and Ludacris outside of the West Coast hip-hop scene too.

Probably best known for his melodious hooks, Nate sang memorable choruses on big hit records suchs as Dre’s “The Next Episode,” Mos Def’s “Oh No,” Fabolous’ “Can’t Deny It,” Luda’s “Area Codes,” 50’s “21 Questions,” Em’s “Till I Collapse” and Mobb Deep’s “Have a Party.”

He also laid down the ultra-catchy hook to “Regulate” a song he did with Warren G that blew up in the summer of 1994. During the 1990s, the Long Beach, California native was also a member of a group called 213 with Warren G and Snoop Dogg. The smooth singer also released three albums during his career, before passing away at the age of 41.

“We lost a true legend n hip hop n rnb,” Snoop Dogg tweeted last year after Nate Dogg passed away. “One of my best friends n a brother to me since 1986 when I was a sophomore at poly high where we met.”—Jakinder Singh

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  • TruthBeTold

    very repetitive beat, but damn dre killed the first verse, 50′s not bad either.



  • momentsgolden

    XXL, this could be your greatest issue ever. I CANT wait to buying a physical copy of this just so i can show them 20 years from now what made Kendrick a Legend.

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