Nas Hits Homerun at NYC’s MLB Fan Cave

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Nasir Jones is for the children. The Queensbridge lyricist continued his grueling promotional schedule in front of frenzied crowd at the MLB fan cave in New York City last night (July 18).

Dressed in a Mets fitted cap, a customized Mets jersey that read, “Jones” in the back and grey sweat pants, the Nasty MC ran through classics like “New York State of Mind,” “The World Is Yours,” Nas Is Like” and “Made You Look.”

He remained conscious of the PG-friendly crowd throughout, altering the n-word in his lyrics and muting explicit lyrics like, “It sounds foul, but every chick I meet’ll go Downtown” on “If I Ruled the World.” Though he stood on stage alone, the crowd—primarily comprised of kids who’d barely learned how to walk when Illmatic hit stores in 1994— served as his hype men as they recited songs like “Represent” and It Ain’t Hard to Tell” word for word. Fittingly, Nas’s longtime collaborator Large Professor looked on. [Watch Nas Perform "It Ain't Hard to Tell" and "NY State of Mind" Below.]

The title of Nas’s latest LP couldn’t be more appropriate, as the baby face MC flashed his pearly whites throughout his performance. Nas appeared to be ecstatic about the glowing reviews the LP’s been receiving, including an XXL from this publication. “That’s why I had to made this album,” he told the Fan Cave audience. “It had to have meaning. I had to make you understand my walk.”

Nas also performed cuts from his new LP, including “The Don,” “Nasty” and “Bye Baby.” His rendition of “Daughters” drew a particularly loud response from the crowd. He closed his set with “One Mic” before exiting the stage to Isaac Hayes’s “Walk on By.”

Nas’s Fan Cave stop is his latest in a series of promotional appearances in the Big Apple this week. He held a star-studded album release party in Bagatelle on Monday (July 16). And, he popped up at the Rucker and performed a surprise show at Tammany Hall on Tuesday (July 17). Stay tuned to for more Nas coverage.—Carl Chery (@cchery)

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    IDK about a XXL i mean Nas is a dope lyricist, but again his issue is beat selection. I know he goin for that 90′s feel, but that’s with every album he does, this one is no different. i just think it’s all hype cuz of his situations. Nas and Fabolous both are dope mc’s with subpar production. I can’t listen to Nas album in the car, and that’s where most of my music is listened to. I listen to his cds at work or somewhere. But XXL? Nah, an XL would have been a good choice.

    • escobar9300

      Man you need to give life is good a second bump, because it is certainly XXL level album. And to your point, the beats section of the review did get an XL, while lyrics and originality are what were rated XXL. The album is fantastic and innovative. Not everything has to bang out of your speakers and shake your trunk. Nas is giving people that shit to think on. The same reason why The Lost Tapes got an XXL too.

  • PAPO

    been waiting for NY to come back in the game flooded with garbage from wayne and drake so nice to see Nas bring it back and show these kids how its done.

  • jrash87

    nas forever king. dopest one out. cant wait to get life is good! refusing to listen to anything from it until i hold it in my hands!!