Method Man still knows all he needs to get by—his crew and the streets. With that in mind, Meth is set to drop a new solo album, as well as a joint LP with Redman.

“Me and RZA are going to work together on my next LP Crystal Meth,” Meth recently told “I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio with the kid ’cause we just came off a Wu tour and the camaraderie was still there, so I know the chemistry is gonna be there when we go in the studio.”

A release date for Crystal Meth has yet to be set, but Meth has time.

“Honestly, I have so much time on my hands now,” the Wu-Tang Clan member revealed. “Who knows? But, I’m definitely working, if there’s still listeners out there. I know there’s listeners out there. As far as mainstream goes, I’m not concerned too tough with that; I’ve been there, done that. So yeah, if there’s still fans out there listening, I’m definitely coming with some shit for you.”

At any rate, his solo LP is not all he has on his mind. After taking a decade to put out the sequel to Blackout!, his collab album with Redman, he will not be allowing history to repeat itself as he intends to simultaneously work on the third installment while he and Red work on their solo joints, respectively.

“Redman’s working on Muddy Waters 2 right now,” the veteran New York MC explained. “I’m working on Crystal Meth of course. And Blackout! 3, we’re going to be doing that together at the same time, while we doing these two albums.”

What’s more, Meth and his patna in rhyme, Red, are still looking at pursuing a sequel for their cult-classic film, How High. They’re just not going to rush anything.

“Well, we’re not gonna put out any trash,” Meth cleared up. “I could tell you that much. The script that was written wasn’t up to snuff; it was pretty good, but it wasn’t up to snuff. And, we don’t want to put out anything wack as far as a second movie goes. Just wouldn’t do it justice.”—Christopher Minaya