Joell Ortiz Says Eminem Mixed Entire Slaughterhouse Album

After a few delays, Slaughterhouse will be releasing their Shady Records debut, welcome to: OUR HOUSE next month. And label boss Eminem has had his hands all over the recording process.

“We really got busy this time around,” Joell Ortiz told MTV News on the red carpet for the BET Awards last weekend. “The first album, we had six days to do it, this time around we’re with a major label, Shady Records. Shout to Eminem. He mixed the entire record. This album is going to be incredible.”

The previous album that Ortiz referenced came out three years ago, in August 2009, through E1. It sold 19,000 units in its first week. Their follow up is expected to move a substantial amount of copies more than that.

After the lengthy break in between studio albums, the group members are excited to be back with new music. “It’s finally here,” Joe Budden chimed in. “We dealt with a couple of pushbacks, we dealt with being creative the whole way through, putting new music out there. Now, we’re here. Hopefully, the fans are just as excited about the release as we are, and we can’t wait.”

Back in February, Crooked I told XXL that Eminem was invested in the group’s project. “Em is putting in incredible effort with this album,” the Long Beach native said. “He’s arranging, he’s being featured on songs, he’s producing. He’s putting in just as much, if not more work, than everyone else as far as Slaughterhouse. If he’s not featured on it he produced it, if he didn’t produce it he arranged it, if he didn’t arrange it…when it’s all said and done, his presence is going to be felt throughout. He’s the fifth member of Slaughterhouse at this point.”

Slaughterhouse will be releasing welcome to: OUR HOUSE on August 28. —Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL)

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  • ty

    what do you mean “mixed” it? I assume he has his definitions confused. How do you nonchalantly say eminem all of the sudden stepped into a new career role that takes years of practice and schooling to mix a full length major studio album. Sorry to the albums actual studio engineers who got sh*t on

    • Decaturb ATL Boi

      @ Ty, Em has been a recording head for years, check his history. He has sat with the best recording engineers and mixers in the business from Dre to the studio he used to record in Ferndale, MI. Just like playing an instrument, you can pick up mixing by ear and practice if you have devoted time to it, and it lookis like he has. It’s not that hard, recognizing frequencies, panning, usage of plug ins, E.Q.’ing, editing,re-routes,etc…once you learn the basics, it’s all about training your ears.

  • atown don



      Atown=1 wack ass soulja boy fan who cant write a rhyme to save his life. You are obviously the stupidest rap fan I have ever came across on the net if you think these dudes are wack. If you dont like them fine, but to say they are wack is just retarded as fuck. You obviously have no ear for talent what so ever. Slaughterhouse’s new albums worst song is going to shit on 90 percent of the garbage gettin radio play.Fuck all this ass money and minimal music group shit gettin airplay.
      About time real rappers are gettin respect in the game again. Its gettin old watchin this garbage sell like it does.


    AFTERMATH!hey now that em is grown dre lets sign limp bizkit–YAY!!!!!-by the way pick up my album pop the trunk dec. 12,2012,my double mixtape 1st. quarter 2013 and my first studio debut fall 2013 as i am workin on my book colemans fighting taMPTATION.WEBSITE INFO. COMING SOON-aftermath rtecords oh boy!!


      Quit smokin that bath salt shit with Atown before you go chew someones face off because they stole your cash money cd.

  • CP

    @atown don I bet Ur a Waka Flocka Fan