Slaughterhouse and Black Hippy Collaboration in The Works

A star-studded collaboration involving the lyricists of Slaughterhouse and Top Dawg Entertainment is in the works.

Yesterday, Twitter personality OfficiallyIce played the role of an A&R, by mentioning each member of both respective camps in a status update; “So…. @kendricklamar @absoul @jayrock @ScHoolBoyQ @JoellOrtiz @JoeBudden @CrookedIntriago @Royceda59 I found a beat…”

After Ice’s initial message received over a 100 retweets, Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden responded back promptly with a tweet of his own, “@OfficiallyIce @kendricklamar @absoul @jayrock @ScHoolBoyQ @JoellOrtiz @CrookedIntriago @Royceda59 dogs, SH is in, check them other niggas.”

According to OfficiallyIce’s timeline, a few hours later, Joe Budden and Ab-Soul were on the phone discussing the possibilities and potential of what promises to be a track that influxes eight of the game’s illest lyricists. The conversation presumably went well, with Top Dawg Entertainment’s rising star telling the New Jersey native, “I’m with it. Send me your email and I’ll get a beat to you ASAP.”

In related news, Slaughterhouse is currently prepping for their second compilation album, Welcome to: Our House, which is their first studio release on the Shady Records imprint. Eminem mixed the LP, which drops on August 28.

Meanwhile, the Black Hippy collective has quickly risen through the ranks, regarded as one of the more lyrical rap crews around. Kendrick Lamar recently set October 2 as the release date for his good kid, m.A.A.d city album. K. Dot has already released his Dr. Dre-assisted single, “The Recipe.”

A collaboration between Slaughterhouse and Black Hippy would be a dream come true for lovers of lyricism. Stay tuned to XXLMAG.COM for more updates on this developing story. —Christian Bonoan

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  • slimmwood

    dope sheeit

  • HiiiPowered

    this is it

  • dee1

    ehh… i expect better from him

  • Chadfella_UK

    Man i know this is the sorta shit Kendrick should stay away from man, Gaga aint even that bad but as soon as her and her minnions of “ill-follow-whatever-the-fuck-is-poppin” fans get on him,he’ll be getting calls from everyone from Bieber to One Direction to be their “weird-indie” got to rapper. He’s gotta keepthis sorta shit off twitter, if u wanna beat then catch your beats, just don’t buy into the media hype ala sick of those two fake twizlers..

  • Michael

    @Chadfella_UK You’re fucking retarded, Gaga aint “bad” at all, she’s amazing and she is far more talented than this dude. obviously you haven’t seen her live performances because if you did you would know that the girl is an amazing performer. but, of course, Kendrick’s minnions of “Kendrick is the best and fuck eveyone else” will bitch and cry if he does a collabo with Gaga, Pathetic. I would prefer if she stayed away from him and other rappers, she’s much better than that shit. Kendrick aint that bad, but as soon as he does a collabo with her every other rapper will want to collaborate with her, she’s a real artist and musician so, she needs to stay away from this type of shit.

  • Michael

    @dee1 Stop hating bitch, It doesn’t get any better than Lady Gaga. I expect better from her.

  • Chadfella_UK

    @ Micheal, You compare the artistic ability of two artists in COMPLETELY unrelated genres and im the retard?? There should be a child lock on keyboards to stop fools like you from broadcasting your ignorance to the world. Nobody denied Gaga her skill and artistry, but her style of music is generally not for me. Its so ironic that my comment was about her stupid followers and it takes one about 5 secs to reply, i bet you attention hungry faggots sit around on the internet alll day just waiting for someone to say some sideways shit about Gaga. You probably masturbate in the dark to her tunes will crying and calling your member the “little monter”..Am i right or am i right?

  • Chadfella_UK

    As far as dissing Kendrick (and all rappers in general as this is a regular occurence) and his artistic ability, you faggot pop fans make me laugh. If it wasnt Gaga it would be some other random indusry created barbie doll that ya’ll would be claiming was the next Bob Dylan or whatever. Hip hop thrives off haters like you, we survive because not everyone gets it, not everyone CAN get it. Its like a secret society with free membership and a lifetime of hidden gems. If everyone could rock genuine Versace clothes, then it wouldnt be worth as much would it??
    All hating aside, art is only art if it can truly move someone in a personal or deep level, and if you get your artistic fix from Gaga, i cant knock that. I get mine from the lyrical gems of dont judge me bruh.

  • Philip_420

    @Chadfella_UK You’re right bro, Gaga’s fans are fucking stupid and it’s such a shame because she’s a great artist, she’s very talented, but, her stupid ass fans make her look bad. do you think deep down inside she hates her fans???

  • TruthBeTold

    fuckin love alchemist, trippy ma fuck

  • Keesha

    @Michael Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar are two talented individuals, but I get what you’re saying. I’m not a Gaga fan, but I don’t think that she’s crazy. Her outfits are though lol.

    Anyway, It would be cool if they did some songs together. She has done songs with rappers before too. I remember when Gaga did that song with Wale in ’09. I can’t wait for Kendrick’s album to come out.