Happy Birthday, Kool G Rap!

Kool G Rap, one of hip-hop’s most influential pioneers, turns 44 today. The exceptional storyteller hit the rap scene during the late 1980’s as part of the legendary Juice Crew.

“Happy Bornday to the Q GodFather Mic Bomber Kool G Rap !!” Large Professor tweeted around 6 a.m. today (July 20).

Alongside partner DJ Polo, G Rap left an irrefutable imprint on hip-hop by dropping multiple classic efforts, such as Road to the Riches, Wanted: Dead or Alive and Live and Let Die. The Queens MC also had a solo career, which he embarked on in 1995 with the revered album 4,5,6.

“Yeah, hearing me rap is like hearing G Rap in his prime,” Jay-Z spit on Encore of his 2003 LP The Black Album.

Hova and many others have paid homage to the lisp wordsmith over the years and continue to.

Happy Birthday to Kool G Rap ! —XXL Staff

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