Gunplay Signs Solo Record Deal With Def Jam

Gunplay has inked a solo record deal with Def Jam Records.

Rick Ross made that clear with a series of tweets on Tuesday afternoon (July 3).

“Breaking News!!!! @GUNPLAYMMG just Signed Big Solo Lp Deal @MaybachMusicGrp @DefJamRecords Debut Album Coming!!!!! Streets Been Ready!!!” Ross tweeted with enthusiasm, proud of his longtime homie and collaborator.

“We will not stop!!!! #HoldmeBack,” Rozay added. “Proud of my lil bro. Congrats!!!!!! @GUNPLAYMMG @MaybachMusicGrp @DefJamRecords”

The congratulatory tweets—from the likes of Trina, Funkmaster Flex, Cool and Dre—then started pouring in for GP, who seemed to take them all in stride.

A longtime MMG affiliate and crowd favorite, the Miami rhyme slinger has been steadily gaining momentum with his Bogota Rich mixtape, riotous single, “Rollin’” and what many regard is the scene- stealing verse on “Power Circle,” the opening track off MMG’s Self Made, Vol. 2 compilation album. That’s a big sentiment, considering the posse cut features bars from the lyrical likes of Rozay, Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill, Stalley and Wale.

Still, the livewire of MMG was able to stand out with a very distinct opening to his verse.

“It’s all on me now, as you can see now/I’m gon’ get this money and I will not be de-nied,” Gunplay gets on the track spitting with his usual urgency. “Been shittin’ on you fucks a long time, time to pee now!”

“When you finish first they hate you worse, startin to see now/I’m at the round table, where your seat at?/Where your plate, where your lobster, where your sea bass?” he adds.

The latter line was recently quoted by Diddy on Twitter, drawing a re-tweet from Gunplay, one of Ross’ most loyal allies, having been down with the Bawse for years and a member of his Triple’s C’s group (Carol City Cartel) with Torch from the Bronx and Young Breed.

Gunplay couldn’t be reached for comment Tuesday, as he was in New Orleans on set of a video with Ross. However, he spoke to about coming into his own as an artist back in May.

“It makes me feel like all that work—the late nights in the studio, building Maybach Music from the ground up—all my efforts ain’t go in vain,” Gunplay said at the time. “It feels like it [was] supposed to happen. I ain’t being bigheaded but it feel like it [was] suppose to happen.” He’s rollin’!—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Youtube Lil Neek/Spend the Night. True hiphop fans will feel this song. Sounds like something Jigga woulda been on back in the day.

  • http://Xxl Comptonrida

    This dude is mediocre!! I guess it aint what u know, or talent, or lyrics, its about who u know!! I bet u his coke dealer happy as hell! He prolly felt like he got the deal!

  • JohnP

    What a surprise its def jam it took William long enough to get him most rappers sign a deal get their own label and then put their nigga on guess William aint a real boss after all

  • atown don

    JohnP bro u must b on bath salts or something! Call me crazy, but it looks like thats what Ross did! Got signed, built his label, then put several cats ON! Cause no disrespect by no means to Gunplay but i think getting his deal was made easier by affiliation with Ross… Now thats what Real Bosses do! (If you gonna hate at least hav some kind of valid point)



  • francis nasim

    hey dre-not to brag but i checked in a nigga wit ten of his homeboys in the bathroom of count jail last night and i was by myself just me n my knife n trust me im untouched i feel like anotha night so i aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! am the zoooningga and i aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! am th e man—we in our thirties ninja-its playin fa keeps boy!@

  • Tracey

    “the fight for the “‘pac” inspired mc’s…continues….666


    MEEK MILL VS RELIGION….*other topic of the day

  • CP

    N.O.R.E. (Feat. Pusha T Meek Mill) – Scared Money Meek lyrics: If I ever go broke, I’mma take yo money
    Have my nigga snatch yo bitch and rape yo honey
    Goonie shoot up yo wheel you need May Gold money
    Papi said he got that work just bring them Pesos for me (the money)
    As a youngin’ I used to be the lookout
    Now we in the kitchen with pigeons having a cookout
    Niggas gettin’ took in, niggas gettin’ took out
    Used to drive Chargers now they foreign when I pullout
    Maserati, Panamera’s, big Ghost’s
    Team of killers, long clips, big toasters
    Fuck around they buck you down, get chauffeured
    Nice casket talking past’s, big hearses, ha!

  • real southerner

    @CP The lyrics you reference are to Meek’s homie raping someone, not Meek, so the pastor might want to improve his lyrical comprehension skills a bit, unless he heard some other Meek song where Meek personally claims to have raped someone (I doubt Meek said that on wax, but who knows, prove me wrong).

  • morpheus

    im a meek listener…but dog this nigga need to be real and admit that song is blasphemous…YOU are the one desprately seeking attention with the music you make….mr johnson how can you be a pastor and revoke someones hood pass, youre a PASTOR

  • BlkStrGeneral

    I’m a true hip hop head that believes that this culture has its yin and yang. But I can’t help but to sit here, as a young man you attended sunday school, church choir and such as a kid, to think that what Meek Mill did on this track was cool. And how he blasted off on the pastor was wrong. Honestly, I’d be happy to stand & boycott MMG, Meek & the execs who let this slide. Black folks already have a bad enough rap & our future generations are already messed up as is – lets not smudge the ONE thing that allowed us get to where we all, including Meek, have gotten to this far… our faith. It’s a shame, I’m having a hard time even saying Amen after a prayer anymore because of how unsettling this all is.

  • Ghetto

    I agree sounds like old j. but i mean i think people go for more real hip hop. the ones who keep their stuff humble.

  • aaron

    why is def jam signing cats who are not really talented ?…He is hot for the moment….No real longevity……They need to get there mind right…