Fat Joe and Kanye West on the same set? Oh yes. Friendly competition has to happen, but not with rhymes and performances—with fashion.

When Joe pulled out a Versace jacket for his "Pride N Joy" video shoot in Brooklyn’s Broadway studios Saturday (July 28), Kanye, wearing a gray tank top and his gray Air Yeezy sneakers, pulled out a secret weapon. Make that, two secret weapons.

"Kanye has the guns huh?" famed director Hype Williams said to Joe with a smile. He was referring to Ye's beefed up muscular build.

"’Ye said 'I'm coming out cock diesel,’" Joe, standing next to West, laughed. "He saw me in the Versace, he said 'Let me get something Joe can't get, cock diesel!'"

Laughs and camaraderie were at a zenith on the set this past weekend. Joe pulled off the impossible, getting just about all of the songs co-stars—West, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, DJ Khaled, Miguel and Roscoe Dash—to come out and join in the video. Yasiin Bey was unable to make it due to a family issue. The biggest problem was getting everyone's [including director Hype] schedules to match. It wasn't easy.

"If I miss this plane, I'm coming back in a limo and you're getting me a very expensive private jet," Busta said to Joe before leaving. Bus was the very first one to shoot during the day. He had a show in Las Vegas later that night and had to rush out after his performance was filmed.  Meanwhile, Roscoe Dash was the last one to shoot. He got stuck in D.C. when his plane was delayed due to inclement weather.  Khaled traveled all night from Miami via bus, while Jadakiss had an easier trip, coming from Yonkers. Miguel took a break from recording his album to participate.

"Miguel! Gimme a hug, brother. Nothing but love," Joe said when he saw the R&B singer arrive. Later Miguel got praise from the video's director.

"Ladies love cool Miguel," Williams said.

"Miguel you got that look too. That look!" Joe chimed in.

Next it was Kiss' turn to sing.

"The one that surprised me the most when we did this is Jada," Joe said, about the song's ending chorus. Jada, Khaled, Busta, Bey, sing a mini closing to close out. "Because he's so hard! Then when I hear the song, I only hear him."

"That light is crazy!" Jada would later say about Hype's lighting that beamed down on him. "Some Batman shit. That's that interrogation light!"

Khaled laughed that Williams should just catch him profiling for the camera instead of performing.

"I don't really remember all of my parts," Khaled joked.

Later, he explained why Joe can get all these high caliber artists in one place.

"That's the Don," Khaled said. "We all love Joe. He's our brother. It's all about that unity."—Shaheem Reid (@ShaheemReid)