Fabolous rocked a packed venue at a Sony-sponsored secret concert in New York City’s Bowery Ballroom last night (July 23).

Fab made sure that fans, who were given an opportunity to attend the free show by RSVP'ing online, had a great time. Hosted by Hot 97 personality and news source Miss Info, the event’s opening acts, Troy Ave and Asher Roth, warmed up the crowd with a live band behind them, before F-A-B-O took the stage as the show’s headliner. He wouldn’t come alone, either, bringing out guests like Lloyd Banks and Ryan Leslie as part of his memorable show.

Fabolous performed many songs ranging from his classics like “Holla Back,” “Can’t Let You Go” and “Breathe” to his more recent hits such as “Black City” off his mixtape, Death Comes in 3s, as well as a few of his featured-guest verses from cuts like “Deuces” remix and “Say Ahh.” The crowd went wild when the Brooklynite brought out Lloyd Banks for a rousing rendition of “Start It Up.”  Fab, sporting a denim vest and later revealing a Brooklyn Nets tank top, closed out his set with Ryan Leslie on deck for a performance of “You Be Killin' Em.”

XXL chopped it up with Fab after the show.

“Rocking out with the band gives people the chance to get musically-inclined,” he said. “Just to hear real drums and real keys and guitars. I wanted to have a couple highlights, so we had Lloyd Banks and Ryan Leslie of course. They added that little spice."

Fab didn’t leave without adding that he's currently in the studio working on his next project.

"I'm working on an album,” Fab continued about the still untitled project. “That's the only thing I can focus on now. There's a few collabs on there, I haven't picked out the songs, but there's a Chris Brown feature and Trey Songz. I got a couple that I'm working on in the next week or two, which will be some first-time features for me. This is my first time working with Chris Brown as well besides the ‘Deuces remix.’"—Chanel Clark