Eminem Gives Details on New Solo Album

Eminem last released a solo album over two years ago, in June 2010, and now the word wizard is getting closer to returning with his follow up, though the release is still a ways away.

“I’m not that far along in the process as far as like figuring out,” he told DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45 over the weekend when asked about his impending eighth solo effort.

He also confirmed that, as usual, he’ll be working with Dr. Dre. “I mean, yeah, of course [Dr. Dre] will be involved. I don’t have anything with him yet.” That point in the process is on the way, though. “What I usually do is I’ll get going you know and kind of start going in a certain direction or whatever, and just record what I’m feeling or whatever,” he continued. “I get a few songs, and then I get kind of a direction, and then I’ll go see Dre and fill in some of those pieces. Dre will listen and see what he thinks I’m missing. Or I might come in and say, ‘Yo, I feel like I’m missing this kind of record,’ or, ‘What if I went this direction?’”

Later in the interview, Slim Shady talked about his role in the recording of the new Slaughterhouse album, welcome to: OUR HOUSE, which is due out on August 28. He also touched on his upcoming shows in Asia, as well as the legacy of the Beastie Boys. Listen to the entire interview below. —Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL)

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    • Chucky

      Holy fuck I hope Eminem’s okay after you’re finished with him!


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  • jrash87

    bring it eminem, i wanna hear some of that madd shit..no poppy recovery shitt..

  • Adrian smith birmingham england

    Eminem getting ready to drop a classic hip hop album again and so is slaughtherhouse WELCOME TO OUR HOUSE GOIN TO BE A CLASSIC HIP HOP ALBUM #BEASTIEBOYS4EVER #LICENSEDTOILL #RIPMCA