Wanna know how to crack the code of your dream girl? XXL intern Christian Bonoan (@chrisakachise) has you covered. He met Melanie Iglesias and April Rose of MTV2′s Guy Code and had the lovely ladies lace him with game from a dime piece’s perspective. They shared some tips on approaching and wooing a beautiful woman and Christian took notes to create the Dime Code. XXL will drop a new tip from the ladies each week, so be sure to check back and tune in to MTV2 at 11 PM EST to see Melanie and April dish out their interpretation of the laws of manhood on Guy Code. — XXL Staff (@xxl)

#2 Confidence and Personality are Everything

XXLmag.com: What's your ideal date?

Melanie: Since I live in the city, I like just walking around and just being completely random. Like, okay we see a toy store, let’s go in there and play with all the toys! Just stuff like that. I don’t want to expect anything. I mean we could do dinner, we could do a movie, but to me movies are bad cause you can’t talk to each other. And dinners are just boring!

April: Yeah, if you don’t have a personality, just take a chick to the movies, cause you don’t have to talk!

Melanie: Exactly! [Laughs]

April: But I love when a guy is like, do you like Italian…do you like Chinese? Then you just tell them, and theyre like “Okay, I’ll pick you up at 8.” And that’s it. You, the guy, picks the restaurant and you do everything else.

Melanie: I just think that when you’re not confident it shows. It’s kinda like, anything else that you’re wearing, if you don’t walk out of your house with it, you’re missing a key item. To me? It just shows when you have confidence. As long as you’re confident, you can do no wrong, even if I don’t want to date you. You still had the confidence to ask me, which means that you can have the confidence to ask anyone else out. You know what I mean?

April: Women are attracted to confidence.

Melanie: It sounds like the most cliché thing to say, and I hate it, but yeah it’s the most important thing.