Detroit rapper Young Calicoe’s controversial statements about illegal cockfighting and dog fighting have made him the subject of a Detroit Police investigation.

In a video shot by Midnight TV Hood Reality that recently hit the Internet, Calicoe takes viewers through an MTV-Cribs-style tour of his residence.

After oepning up the video tour by joking, “We’ve gotta fuckin’ zoo over here” and “We gotta sabre-tooth tiger in the back,” Calicoe opened up a fence in his backyard and said:

“Anybody want to fight some dogs? I hope we don’t get indicted for that…that Michael Vick-type shit.”

He then pointed out pitbulls in seemingly every corner of the rather large yard, before also showing cameras his roosters as well.

“We fight them too,” he added, pointing to a rooster in a cage, before taunting it and getting it to react fiercely. “That’s a grand champ right there. We got some more fighters over here…making that real money.”

The seemingly self-incriminating evidence of animal abuse only gets worse as the video goes on.

"Anything that's got to do with gambling, put some money up, we do it," Calicoe also says in the video, as a friend opens a padlocked door, revealing two newborn pitbull puppies.

To those rambunctious puppies locked in a tiny cage, Calicoe exclaims: “Champions in the making [Part] two.”

After the video was leaked, it was those shocking comments that triggered a Detroit Police investigation.

“We just received that today so we are looking into it,” Detroit Police Officer Dan Donakowski told Michigan Local News on Monday night (July 9).

Feeling the pressure all weekend, Calicoe tweeted the following on Sunday (July 8) in denial of animal abuse:

“If u find a video of me "FIGHTING DOGS" PLEEEEZE LET ME KNO.”

Check back with for more on this investigation.—Jakinder Singh