Cam’ron used to get it in Ohio. Harlem too, but never really Brooklyn. Still, that was not the case at The Well venue in Brooklyn last night (July 14). There, Killa more than measured up to the high standards expected of his live performances.

In the open-air venue, Cam breathed new life into the anxious crowd that responded with enthusiastic roars.  At first, it was difficult to recognize the Harlem MC, seeing as he was sporting shades and a khaki-colored bucket hat that matched his pants. However, all knew what time it was once Just Blaze’s instrumental to “I Really Mean It” started blaring through the speakers.

“Y’all niggas dreamed it, I’ve seen it/Body warm, heart anemic (I really mean it),” Cam spit in front of the audience full of hipsters rocking snapbacks and jerseys or tie-dye t-shirts. “Coke, a nigga steamed it, fiends, I leaned ‘em/Beamer, leaned it (I really meant it).”

After animating the spectators with that timeless Diplomats’ banger, Cam cranked it up even more by going into his solo joints such as “Down and Out,” “Oh Boy,” “Hey Ma” and “Wet Wipes.” Even Killa himself noticed how much more excited the crowd had gotten.

“Brooklyn ready,” the New York native stated. “Y’all turnt up, huh?”

Later on, Cam would rock the crowd with “Live My Life (Leave Me Alone)” and two of the many tracks he did alongside his protégé Vado, “Hey Muma” and “Speakin In Tungs,” the latter which found Cam doing something he seldom does, dance.

As rare as seeing Killa boogie on-stage, seeing him perform in Brooklyn is almost as infrequent, something many appreciated.

“Cam’ron joint [was] a very special night ‘cause he reside uptown,” 40 Oz Van, who hosted the event, told “It’s very rare for him to come out to Brooklyn. Came out here to show love. Everybody loved it. Classic after classic after classic.”

Other than Cam, the Flatbush Zombies made an impression as well. The budding trio, made up of Darko, Zombie Juicee and Erick Arc Elliot, excelled at getting the crowd to move rather than just stand still by performing tracks like “The Hangover” and “Thug Waffle.” Fellow up-and-comers Bodega Bamz and A$AP Ant also showed their support of the Zombies by performing alongside them. More will certainly become familiar with the trio once A$AP Mob’s forthcoming mixtape drops this summer.

“Straight up, I came out there to support Flatbush Zombies,” A$AP Yams shared with “I knew them for a lot of years. [A$AP Mob] Mixtape coming in two weeks and all that, and our first single is with Flatbush Zombies. We gon’ do the video next week, on Thursday and all that shit. We gon’ shoot the motherfucker in New York, where we put it down and all that.”

Yams, who runs the A$AP Worldwide record label with A$AP Rocky, shared that the tape will include features from Raekwon, Danny Brown and others. All the tracks are completed, but they have yet to be mixed and the project still needs a title.

Aside from his work with A$AP, Yams imparted that he actually worked for Dipset for a couple years back. Also, he shared his thoughts on Cam’s.

“Cam is my biological father,” Yams jokingly said. “He owe me about 23 years of child support, but it’s all good. He’s responsible for all my swag and all that.”

Cam’ron in Brooklyn was definitely a night to remember.—Christopher Minaya (@CM_3)