Busta Rhymes and Charlamagne Tha God Describe Heated Confrontation

Touch it, bring it, pay it, watch it, turn it, leave it, stop, format it. Busta Rhymes nor Charlamagne Tha God seem to be formatting the story, and according to them, nobody got touched during their heated discussion Sunday (July 1) during a 2012 BET Awards after-party, which both attended.

Charlamagne Tha God attempted to explain the confrontation Tuesday morning (July 3) live on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

“Busta was upset about an interview his baby momma did with Wendy Williams in 2004,” Charlamagne began to explain. “For people who don’t know, I used to be Wendy’s cohost from 2006 to the end of 2008. So, he said I was on the interview disrespecting him, but I was like, ‘I wasn’t on Wendy Williams’ show on 2004; you got me mixed up.’”

Charlamagne, who was in town with the rest of The Breakfast Club crew to shoot a new TV show by Fuse called “The Hustle,” quickly diverted his confusion to a possible confrontation.

“I ain’t had no idea what he was talking about,” Charlamagne clarified. “So, I told Buss, ‘Man, if you want to talk about me saying your music is wack in 2012, let’s talk about that ’cause I know every time we put you in the freezer, you got upset. You called Envy and all this and that, so if you upset about that, then let’s talk about that.’ So, he goes, ‘You need to stop acting like a tough guy!’”

“That’s when he turned into the rah rah dungeon dragon,” Charlamagne added. “‘You need to stop acting like a tough guy!’” I said, ‘Buss, you need to stop acting like a tough guy before it gets crazy in here.’ That’s when he told me, ‘Put your drink down!’ So, then I put my drink down and got up in his face, and Angela Yee said it looked like we were about to kiss. But, it was nothing—nobody touched anybody, I didn’t touch him, he didn’t touch me.”

All that being said, Busta himself turned in a pretty similar account about his and Charlamagne’s confrontation.

“Just so you understand about me, the way I was conditioned and just the morals and the principles that I come from as far as code of ethics as a man, if there’s an issue, I’m a approach you to discuss it, and that’s it,” Busta told Malikha Mallette in an interview shortly after the incident. “I ain’t gon’ be out here trying to hype things on these platforms, these social networks, and act like I’m something that I’m not. I ain’t no gangster. I ain’t no tough guy. I’m just a man and I live by certain morals and I live by certain principles, and if those get compromised, violated or disrespected in any way, we’re going to have to have a discussion. And, it’s as simple as that.”

Immediate news of the incident didn’t stop Charlamagne’s rival from poking fun of him.

“Smurf god got moved on by a new york city rapper!!!!,” radio rival Funkmaster Flex tweeted. “Finger touching forehead!!!”

Despite Flex’s allegations, like Charlamagne’s account, there was no mushing or finger pointing, according to Busta.

“It was a discussion,” Buss added. “I’m not putting my hands on nobody because my kids need that bread all the time, and I love my family more than everything. We had a discussion, that’s it. None of that. Absolutely, none of that.” –Christopher Minaya

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  • lovelywun

    I know he is gonna get a lot of shade for his comment but it’s the truth! Thanks Scrap for speaking the truth regardless of what anyone thinks.

  • kelly

    Scrappy is right the CDC website reports gay man are the gate keepers of a mass variety of disease….

  • Jason

    Im sure some morons out there will call this comment homophobic but its not its true and i commend lil scrappy for his words

  • thizz

    there is no room in rap for fags. who is guna bump this shit? if u want your ass whooped then bump it or if u pussy then u might like it

  • wei sheng

    ….geez, kudoz to him coming out, yea what ever, “it’s his life and his decision and i respect it” thats what is said everytime one of these dudes comes out, geeeeeeeeeeeeeez, this is an evil spirit that has been around for decades and it’s running amuck amongst the world and this generation today, “IT’S F’N DISGUSTING” “you can’t help who you love” man im so sick of the justification of this evil spirit, man was not made to physically love another man, what part of the game is this” quoting his “we all try” trak on “nostalgia Ultra…i believe a marriage isnt between man & woman but between love & love” BULLSH*T, marriage is under God and his word is true & marriage is between man & woman, thats fact whether you believe in it or not, im no saint, im not passin judgement on the gay community but lets be real, Donnie McCurlkin came outta that lifestyle!!!!! so have many others, its an evil spirit and until ppl recognize that and stop justifying for this lifestyle, then we will continue to conform to this world and teach our sons and daughters that its okay to fuck another man in the ass or women on women. Really? Really? Pick up a bible and log off, tmz, globalgrind, xxl, huffpost, reality t.v. & t.v. period, the world needs healing, we are f’n LOST!!! PEACE & MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!!!


    we accept the fact that tho you”cant help who you love”(bullshit) the results of a man f’n another man is a disease that is uncurable such as aids and Lord knows what other diseases, we sit back and accept this shit???? i’ll go back and forth with you rainbow mu—-s!!! there not ashamed of it cause we accept it now, again, i don’t approve of this lifestyle, i respect ppl no matter what evil spirit has a hold on them, but when ppl read this they will only take what they can run with and not understand how some ppl just don’t and will not approve this lifestyle, everytime a celeb says somethin he doesn’t agree with when it comes to the gay community, they get chastized and we all know who runs faggywood(hollywood) so there career is threatened and two days later that same celeb apologizes cause his career can take a dive when you say how you feel about these situations, they run hollywood!!! ppl open your eyes to the real and understand ppl like myself who will not accept this life style…Question? God comes to this gay guy/women and gives him three choices, 1-continue with that lifestyle you have been tricked to conform too 2-love like you suppose to love, “man & women” 3-go to hell, don’t pass go, go str8 to hell!!! wrong is wrong and the world is tryin to make it right, im no f’n saint but ain’t A fool either, WAKE UP NIGGAS!!!

  • Johnq

    Ignorant Ahole.

  • James

    No one cares what Scrappy’s bitch ass has to say. Mufucka actually called his new album the Grustle. Fuck him. Article should’ve said, “Actual Hip-Hop Legend, Busta Rhymes, Supports Frank Ocean”, because that actually matters and people actually care.

  • escobar9300

    Scrappy hasn’t even been remotely relevant since 2006, why is this dude on the front page? lol

  • dan

    people that have unprotected sex spread aids, gay or straight, this nigga is ignorant AF. statistics are misleading.

  • francis nasim

    you not dyin baby