Bow Wow was in a zone a couple of nights ago, listening to his new album, Underrated, talking to his fans on Twitter and celebrating that his new single, “We In The Club,” just enjoyed radio adds earlier that day.

Bow Wow recently spoke to about the video shot for the single.

“Rico [Da crook] directed it…I co-directed it,” explained Bow about the video for “We In The Club,” which was shot on July 6. “Just the early work, we about to turn up. We about to turn the rocks into gold. The video was crazy. I wanted to do something vintage, something the real core-like fans who’ve been with me since day one would love.”

How did he do that?

“I brought that essence of me shooting videos on location back,” he continued. “I’m off the green screen running through the neighborhoods with all the kids in the neighborhood. The vintage shit I’m known for. And of course we had to run through one of the clubs in Miami. We shot the video in Miami. It’s some crazy shit. Its like ‘Fresh Azimiz” on steroids. To the max!”

“We In Da Club” is produced by DJ Mustard and finds Bow talking about what he does best, when goes out and hits the town. Today (July 12) Bow headed overseas in promotion of his new song and album. Despite suffering through several setbacks, he says Underrated will be out towards the latter part of this year, although the album hasn’t received a confirmed release date just yet.—Shaheem Reid (ShaheemReid)