Always opinionated and never one to hold back, 50 Cent is receiving backlash for a controversial comment he made on Twitter about autism.

Earlier this week, a fan tweeted 50, “Release the album or get shot again,” in reference to the Five (Murder by Numbers) official album that he was supposed to release, but instead gave away for free and announced his official Interscope LP will be arriving this November instead.

To that, ’Fif tweeted back, “yeah I just saw your picture fool you look autistic. i don’t want no special ed kids on my time line follow some body else," for all his 6.8 million Twitter followers and more to see.

That set off a firestorm of heated reaction, including that from actress Holly Robinson Peete, whose 13-year-old Rodney Peete is autistic.

Robinson Peete responded by writing an open letter to 50 Cent and posting it on her website,

“Do you even know what autism is?” she asks the G-Unit general in one part of the letter. “And what exactly does “autistic” look like? 1 in 88 have it. That’s 1 in 54 boys. Families suffer a social stigma you will never know. It is a financial and emotional drain for millions…”

Robinson Peete, 47, also asked 50 to “please delete” the tweets to which he obliged.

The longtime actress, who had a role in the movie 21 Jump Street back in March, closed the letter by posting a picture of her son, Rodney.

“So I guess this is what autistic looks like?” she further questioned 50. “He is in special ed. He loves rap music and is a HUGE fan of yours. He’s a tremendous kid. He has to deal with so much trying to fit in. This isn’t helping.”

Robinson Peete is one of many parents who have bombarded 50’s twitter account over his insensitive remarks.—Mark Lelinwalla