Apparently not only is Action Bronson popular with current WWE Superstars, he’s the in-thing with at least one of their alumni too.

Bronson says he met and was given props to by WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston and former champion, the retired Dave Bautista (AKA Batista), did even more than that. The Herculean entertainer signed on to direct Bronson’s new video this week in Los Angeles.

“Batista, we know somebody in common, this dude named Johnny Ryan, Adrian Brody’s manager," Bronson recently explained to XXL. “They all roll together. They just show a lot of love. This dude Johnny Ryan takes care of everything, he some type of big shot. Batista loves the music, it’s just easy.”

Batista, who has fans in awe after watching his appearance in the new trailer for RZA’s upcoming action film The Man With The Iron Fist, will fight Bronson in the new video.

“He said ‘I wanna do this video for you,” Action recalls. “‘I want to be in it. I want to be in on some villain shit and we’re gonna have a fight scene.’”

“The concept is pretty much, its just wildness,” Bronson adds. “It’s for this song called ‘The Symbol’ with Alchemist. It’s a crazy demented type song. I was thinking the video would be some weird new “Dark Knight” type shit. Really dark and weird. He’s a weird type of villain. Obviously, I beat the shit out of him. I’m definitely gonna DDT him! Hundred percent.”

The video for “The Symbol” isn’t the only collaboration between the two. Action is going to lend some inspiration music to Bautista’s new in ring endeavor.

“I’m gonna go down and train with him for his first MMA [Mixed Martial Arts] fight,” Bronson revealed. “I go down to Tampa and train with him in his MM gym. Probably for like a month a two, get in shape. He wants me to come to his first MMA fight and rap while he comes to the ring. I hope he doesn’t get knocked out the first day. I really hope so. It’ll be embarrassing for everybody.”

As for the husky Action’s new commitment to fitness, the Flushing, Queens MC says he is embracing change to his body.

“I been ready,” he declared. “I got the Nike fuel band. I’m going in. I’m gonna get sexy on them. I made up my mind, I’m gonna be a rap star. Might as well.”—Shaheem Reid (@ShaheemReid)