50 Cent to Release Official New Album Street King Immortal in November, Not Today

Made you look.

For months and months, 50 Cent has been talking up his new album for a July 3rd release day.

Yet, in the wee hours of Tuesday morning (July 3), 50 abandoned those plans, announcing his official album isn’t indeed coming out today after all.

“My official Interscope album is called Street King Immortal due out in nov,” the G-Unit general tweeted out to the masses early on Tuesday morning.

Instead, his planned album, Five (Murder by Numbers), is being served as the “appetizer,” as 50 called it, and is still scheduled to be released today, but for free.

The news isn’t such a surprise, considering that there hasn’t been much promotion and an underwhelming low buzz—other than 50’s tweets—for Five (Murder by Numbers).

Yet, all along, 50 had been promising that his album would drop today—whether Interscope cooperated or not—one day before the July 4th national holiday and three days before his 37th birthday.

In March, ’Fif even declared that the new LP is better than his classic, multi-platinum album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’. In mid-June, while a guest on Philadelphia’s Hot 107.9, the G-Unit general even gave the LP a formal name, Five (Murder by Numbers). ’Fif even went so far as to release the tracklisting for the project late last night (July 2).

Yet, around the same time is when he began backtracking.

“due to negative comments im not releasing music now listen to zero instead of 10 suckers LMAO,” 50 tweeted on Monday night.

He then tweeted:

“im giving you music for FREE EM, DRE, and JIMMY want me to wait and you want to act a fool.”

After declaring that Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo was the newest member of the money team and tweeting a curvaceous eye candy model about her backside, 50 confirmed that his official album wouldn’t be the one he was promising all along for today, but instead in November, under the new title of, Street King Immortal.

50 hasn’t set an exact release date for the new LP, his fifth studio album, just yet. In the meantime, fans can enjoy his new material for free.—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • Hi-Cee420

    All 50 needs is to get with some good producers. Get some of those hard Lex Lugar-type street beats. But truthfully it might be time for Fif to say goodbye to music. If Jay-Z can’t get it poppin without Kanye then there might not be much hope for 50.

  • fuckyou

    Your a NY BITCH

  • teeeee!

    yeah man Hi-cee you ryt on the money with this one it aint gon popp off for Fiff, its done

  • francis nasim

    i taught you well and good luck against lenox coz–HOLD ON YO,WHOA! ON SOME REAL; SHHH-YOU GOT ONE YEAR LEFT ANFD FIFTY IF YOU DONT COME UP WITH MY ROCAFELLA MONEY,MEET BUSTA-DAMMM-SOMETHIN BUSTIN YA A@@-FOR ETERNITY-thankyou this is a psa from lucky lucciano an rocafellla

  • 47

    im blown like shit i was hoping to cop the cd today even if it was free it would have been nice for july 4th but now this, im a big 50 cent fan and im pissed the fuck off hes gonna loose mad fans because of this


    I hope after this album fails, 50 will FINNALY realize that he is no longer relevant….maybe he can concentrate on being a boss and not a artist, cause his music been wack since GRODT…

    • teeeeeee

      wld hv been a suprise if your GAME ass ddnt show up.

      • THA TRUTH

        whats your problem man?? yeah Im a GAME fan, but im a bigger HIPHOP fan…if you not gonna comment on the article, dont comment like a teenage gossip girl…

  • htawe4

    All 50 needs is to get with some good producers. Get some of those hard Lex Lugar-type street beats.

    people like you are the problem what are you 12

  • dekoy

    So where am I supposed to get this free “appetizer” album from.

    • dekoy

      Its obviously a download but where do I go to download it?

  • jrash87

    HAH made the people look alright..50 not relevant..? pff, just from that comment u r actin like a teenage gossip girl, hypocritical fag. go tell all those kids in africa he aint relevant..

  • erik

    damn i wanted this album so bad i even sent my mom to go get it becuz i couldnt

  • LVuitton Don

    Dam Ive been patiently waiting… hoping to cop this album today ! straight bumpn this heat for july 4th. but fck it ma nggas ima download this LP n spark the la !

    Rule number five… Show no love. Love will get you killed.

  • gggg unit

    why people hating? 50 is the best ever and know we basically get 2 albums instead of one :D
    why complain about free music? plus both the albums will be sick!! ggggg unit 4 life

  • http://xxl Diamondz

    Fitty you done.You been on a downward slope since the album CURTIS.Why dont you just liv it up with your millionaire ass and shut the fuck up already.The only reason you aint releasing da album is cuz jimmy iovine said fuck that imma show you what a boss iz lets see how well your album does without daddy promoting it LMAO