50 Cent still has plenty of love for his G-Unit brothers, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. He just thinks that “they need to get themselves together.” And he’s partially blaming himself for it.

The G-Unit general made that point clear on a recent appearance on Big Boy’s Neighborhood.

“I’ve enabled them to a point where they feel like they don’t have to do anything,” 50 began explaining about Banks and Yayo. “I end up doing their job, too.”

“They haven’t had a manager,” he added. “I’ve been managing them for their entire careers. That $8.7, $9 million a piece. I did that for them. I’m telling them since the top of last year, ‘Yo you got to find managers.’”

And on Yayo: “Yayo has to do a lot more. He just doesn’t do what he’s supposed to do.”

Back in May, while also doing an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, 50 disclosed that he and Banks have lost communication.

“I haven’t spoken to Banks in nine months,” 50 said live over the air. “And this is not the first time this has happened. He goes through these things where there’s no communication and he goes off and does what he wants like as far as…it’s set at that point because I’ve spent marketing dollars promoting him and he could go wherever he want to go and actually go do shows and make money and do different things.”

For loyal G-Unit fans thinking that the days of the rap crew are finally over, 50 says not so fast.

“I don’t [think G-Unit] is actually over,” he rounded up telling Big Boy. “I think they have to get themselves together.”—Jakinder Singh