20 Rajon Rondo References in Rap Lyrics

Rajon Rondo Intro

Even during the off season rappers are talking about hoop. Yesterday, in his latest release, "The Cure," J. Cole became the latest rapper to name-drop Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo in a rap. As one of the most exciting players in the league, Rondo's name has gotten more and more play in Hip-Hop circles. With that said XXL Presents... 20 Rajon Rondo References in Rap Lyrics — XXL Staff

J Cole “The Cure,” (2012)


"After a few drinks come our realest convos / My handle on my thoughts used to be as ill as Rondo’s”

Smoke DZA “The World,” (2011)


"Getting’ money, I ain’t gotta fuck with the check scam / Mean green Rondo, I play with the headband.”

Tyga “Rack City,” Careless World (2012)


"Get it in the morning like Alonzo / Rondo, green got cheese like a nacho / If you don’t got no ass, bitch, wear a poncho”

Young Jeezy “Trump,” The Real is Back 2 (2011)


“2.5 for the condo / Neighbors think I play ball, they call me Rondo”

Vado “Put a Bird Up,” Gunz N’ Butta (2011)

Rajon Rondo in Boston

“Like Trey Songz, “Success” my fav song / Ball like Rajon, the course is way long.”

Pusha T "Open Your Eyes," Fear of God (2011)


“I’m Rondo on the bongos when giving you my convo / We ain’t been home since we were snatched out the Congo.”

Royce da 5’9 “40/40,” (2010)


“The rocket launcher is like part of my ensemble / On top of that – I got niggas in Boston who got my back and they gon’ assist me like Rajon Rondo.”

Hoodie Allen “Swimming with Sharks,” Pep Rally (2010)


"’96 Honda with a drive like Rondo / If I’m racin’ for your heart I’ll never tie like Kwon-Do"

Chiddy Bang “Fresh Like Us,” The Preview (2010)

Rajon Rondo

“I could take her and U2 like Bono / They say you got a point like Rajon Rondo.”

Kid Ink “Its On,” Daydreamer (2011)


“Out just looking for the money like Waldo, I just wanna ball, Rondo. Make it rain in this bitch, get a poncho”

Game “Hustlin (Championship Anthem)” (2010)


“And while you motherfuckers waitin’ on Toronto / I’m in the hood with Pancho, stacking Rajon Rondo.”

Sir Michael Rocks “Gas Station,” When Fish Ride Bicycles (2011)


"Same picture in the frame so selling suede hats in the rain won’t work but one try won’t hurt me / Lucky number 10s and a Rondo jersey."

Fabolous “Swag Champ,” There Is No Competition: Death Comes in 3’s (2011)


“Stick to bein’ you boy, stay on yo, Velcro / Hate to see y’all bend backwards, Rondo, elbow.”

Ludacris “I Ain’t The One,” 1.21 Gigawatts: Back To The First Time (2011)


“Lone ranger, no Tonto / So my nine got my back like Rajon Rondo.”

Waka Flocka Flame “Lehhhgooo,” Crack on Steroids (2012)


"Every round on me, ‘till the bar close / Worlds above haters, Chicago / Got a 9 on me, call me Rondo.”

Curren$y “Super High (Remix),” (2010)


"Angry orangutans, I’m arranging my sneakers / I’m the action on the court, you the gum stuck to the bleachers / I think I’m Paul Pierce, I think I’m Rondo / High off that headband, you dying on that hydro.”

Action Bronson “White Silk,” Well Done (2011)


"The flows water, like rafting on the Congo / Take a hit of drugs and I’m passing like I’m Rondo / Motherfuckers sweeter than what normal kids is now though.”

David Banner “Amazing,” Sex, Drugs, & Video Games (2012)


"Come tonight, stay until the morning, Alonzo / She said tryna come, can I assist? Rondo.”

Rick Ross “John Doe,” Ashes to Ashes (2010)


“There he go, that’s John Doe / Ballin’ on you bitches like I’m Rondo.”

Lil Wayne “What’s Wrong With Them” I Am Not A Human Being (2010)


"Big boss shit, Paul Castellano / Shoot ya ass up, now crawl out the condo / That’s that nine nigga, ughh, Rondo.”