LIL WAYNE: Reveals Latest Skateboarding Injury

Weezy recently told MTV News that he broke his clavicle two months ago, didn't go to the doctor and let the broken bone heal on its own. [MTV News]

Soulja Boy Talks Car Accident, Says Other Driver Was Racist
Soulja was indeed driving the red Bentley that crashed into another car, but he says the other vehicle's driver was racist and accused him of driving a stolen whip. [TMZ]

Flo Rida Ordered To Pay Former Assistant $7,000
His alleged former assistant, Mahogany Miller, claims that Flo paid her $3.08 per hour, so she sued...and won. Meanwhile, Flo claims the Miller was an unpaid intern. [TMZ]

Daz Dillinger Makes It Rain

Not on strippers, but on...homeless people. The West Coast rapper unloaded $6,000 on the homeless as part of MakeItRain.TV charity.  [MakeItRain.TV]

Tech N9ne Calls Eminem "The Best Rapper"

Tech hopes for a collaboration with Em, who he says he just wants to see how he sounds standing next to him. [HipHopDX]