It’s been over 10 years since HBO’s critically acclaimed series, The Wire, first aired. A gripping, raw look into the realities of urban America, it was only natural that the show became a favorite within the Hip-Hop world. There’s been plenty of overlap from both sides, between Wee-Bey popping up in various rap videos over the years, and Jim Jones’ curious 2 second, soda drinking cameo as one of Marlo’s henchmen. Check out the 15 Best Wire References in Rap lyrics— XXL Staff

Young Jeezy "The Real is Back," The Real is Back (2011)


"You know I run this shit like Marlo, these niggas Avon / Had my auntie selling that shit like it was Avon"

Royce Da 5'9 "Slaughterhouse," Halfway House (2008)


"In the D they used to call me Mayor Royce / Now they call me Clay Davis / Guess why? sheeeeeeeeiiiit / Cause when it come to them words you know I wear shit out"

Cam'ron "Cycle's Sick," Public Enemy #1 (2007)


"I wasn't born a singer, but let the storm just linger / I'm the Muslim from New York, I'm on to Stringer."

Vado "Ride With Me" Boss of all Bosses (2009)


"Gotta move forward, no replay / shooter like Wee-bey / Be the first to school ya like Pre-K"

Eminem "Drop the Bomb On Em," Relapse: Refill (2009)


"Oh my God, fuckin' bumbaclot, I'm hard as Kenard / The little boy who shot Omar in the Wire / Tie a whore up with barbed wire, you're nothin' but a brah, boy I'm the real deal and charbroiler on the bonfire"

Red Café “I’m Ill,” (2010)


“Been a Konvict, ask Akon / Had blocks locked, ask Avon"

Vado "Mo Brooklyn, Mo Harlem, Mo Southside," The Soul Tape (2011)


"Bags over bags, stash house look like Hoarders / Avon home, tell Marlo these my corners."

Curren$y "Run Dat Shit," Verde Terrace (2011)


"Bitch we on fire / Marlo on the screen, yeah bitch we on The Wire / You talking too much bitch, go sit up there with the driver."

Paul Cain "Niggaz," More Street Dreams, Pt. 2: The Mixtape (2003)


“Fuck the city, I’m extorting the state / I’m like O from The Wire, walk with a sawed-off and an eight”"

Skillz "Don't Act Like You Don't Know," The Million Dollar Backpack (2006)

The Wire

“And these youngins want to act like Michael on The Wire, ‘til they realize that Michael just an actor on The Wire.”

Sean Price "Stop," Jesus Price Superstar (2007)


"I raise the nine, never give you bozos love / Omar from The Wire, youse a homo thug."

Freeway "One Thing," The Stimulus Package (2010)


"They need to promise death to you snitches / Ain't do it, but you telling on them, lying ass nigga/ Don't want no trouble', you Bubbles from the Wire ass nigga."

Vado "Fuck A Freestyle," Boss of all Bosses 2.5 (2010)


“Goal is to die old and rich like Don Carlo/ Lift fours up like the doors on a Gallardo/ My man caught a scar though/ He wear just it just like Marlo”

Lil Wayne "Nightmares of the Bottom," Tha Carter IV (2011)


"These bitches think they fly like Tinkerbell / But they all on my wire like Stringer Bell."

Young Jeezy "Superstar (Remix)," (2007)


"Yes, it ain't mine, this is Lupe's single / And every time I watch The Wire, it's like I just left B-More / Call me Marlo, come be my Snoopy / Superstar, baby, why wouldn't you do me?"