50 Cent and Oprah Winfrey have definitely come a long way.

After years of putting down the media mogul, 50 finally made peace with Oprah, to the point in which they had a sit-down interview Thursday (June 6) for her Oprah’s Next Chapter, a show on her Oprah Winfrey Network.

By the sound of things, the interview, which will air on OWN Sunday night (June 10) at 9 p.m. EST, went very well.

“Just leaving Fiddy’s house ..what a great conversation,” Winfrey tweeted, before posting a picture of 50 with his arm draped around her via Instagram. In turn, the G-Unit general posted the same pic on his own Twitter account.

“Lots of surprises, he MEDITATES.

“Can you believe Fiddy meditates?” she added. “He was so calm. And charming!”

Oprah’s website has been hyping the taped interview with a 30-second trailer.

“Sunday one of the most successful and controversial ever—for the first time, after years of feud rumors—Oprah and Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson from his grandmother’s home,” the trailer broadcasts.

The two have come a long way since having tension, which began in 2006. That’s when 50 first dissed the longtime talk show host for her lack of guest diversity.

“I think she caters to older White women,” Jackson told the Associated Press back then. “Oprah’s audience is my audience’s parents, so I could care less about Oprah or her show.”

He would later name his dog Oprah to further mock the former talk show host.

But those days are over now, as evidenced by the interview.

Sunday’s episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter will also have O interviewing the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson, nearly three years since the King of Pop’s death.—Mark Lelinwalla