After Lil Wayne made the controversial decision to pull Nicki Minaj as the headliner of Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert on Sunday (June 3), Nicki called in to the station Monday (June 4) and had a heated argument—for about an hour—about the debacle with DJ, Funkmaster Flex.

On Tuesday (June 5), asked fans, ‘Who do you think won the argument between Nicki Minaj and Funkmaster Flex?’ and the results were close, with the Young Money princess just managing to edge Flex.

Fifty-five percent of voters answered, ‘Nicki made much better points, she won,’ while 45 percent of fans voted that ‘Flex made the better points overall.’

During their Monday night conversation, Nicki and Flex each touched on significant points. For starters, Minaj made it clear that neither her nor her fans appreciated Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg labeling her “Starships” pop record as “bullshit” earlier on Sunday in front of the thousands of fans already filed into Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

“What happened was this…my fans didn’t appreciate the comment nor did my fans watching the live stream appreciate the comments,” Minaj explained to Flex. “I’m the only woman representing on Summer Jam stage and that’s not the way you boost the moral of the people.”

While Flex admitted that Rosenberg probably didn’t choose the best time to make the comment, Nicki refused to say that her boss, Lil Wayne, was wrong for pulling her as the scheduled headliner of the bill.

“Did Lil Wayne make the right decision not letting 60,000 [fans] see Young Money?” Flex asked.

“Capital Y-E-S,” Nicki responded. “R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me.”

To that, Flex responded aggressively.

“We are at fault too and you guys are at fault too,” he said. “We were both at fault. Egos were involved. Not just my ego. Your ego, Wayne’s ego, Ebro’s ego. All of our ego’s. Everybody’s wrong here.”

Nicki and Flex did seem to end the convo on somewhat cordial terms, however. Nicki also did promise her New York City fans a free concert, with the specifics being currently worked on.—Mark Lelinwalla