Nicki Minaj Won The On-Air Argument With Funkmaster Flex: Poll Results

After Lil Wayne made the controversial decision to pull Nicki Minaj as the headliner of Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert on Sunday (June 3), Nicki called in to the station Monday (June 4) and had a heated argument—for about an hour—about the debacle with DJ, Funkmaster Flex.

On Tuesday (June 5), asked fans, ‘Who do you think won the argument between Nicki Minaj and Funkmaster Flex?’ and the results were close, with the Young Money princess just managing to edge Flex.

Fifty-five percent of voters answered, ‘Nicki made much better points, she won,’ while 45 percent of fans voted that ‘Flex made the better points overall.’

During their Monday night conversation, Nicki and Flex each touched on significant points. For starters, Minaj made it clear that neither her nor her fans appreciated Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg labeling her “Starships” pop record as “bullshit” earlier on Sunday in front of the thousands of fans already filed into Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

“What happened was this…my fans didn’t appreciate the comment nor did my fans watching the live stream appreciate the comments,” Minaj explained to Flex. “I’m the only woman representing on Summer Jam stage and that’s not the way you boost the moral of the people.”

While Flex admitted that Rosenberg probably didn’t choose the best time to make the comment, Nicki refused to say that her boss, Lil Wayne, was wrong for pulling her as the scheduled headliner of the bill.

“Did Lil Wayne make the right decision not letting 60,000 [fans] see Young Money?” Flex asked.

“Capital Y-E-S,” Nicki responded. “R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me.”

To that, Flex responded aggressively.

“We are at fault too and you guys are at fault too,” he said. “We were both at fault. Egos were involved. Not just my ego. Your ego, Wayne’s ego, Ebro’s ego. All of our ego’s. Everybody’s wrong here.”

Nicki and Flex did seem to end the convo on somewhat cordial terms, however. Nicki also did promise her New York City fans a free concert, with the specifics being currently worked on.—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • nicki is wack

    Nicki Minaj sucks she don’t even rap she is a pop singer who tries to use gimmicks and shock to stay relevant and interesting. Stupid wigs, weird clothes, dumb voices and alter ego’s, dumb tweets, pretending to be bisexual etc., stop all the crap and try to spit some bars and then maybe the hip hop community will give u some respect.

    • Dope_Boy_Fresh

      You said nothing but the truth!

    • Chadfella_UK

      WHAT MORE CAN I SAY..?..*Jay Z voice*

  • Dope_Boy_Fresh

    Man if y’all don’t stop emailing me about this same whack ass chic I know something. Its a done deal. Who gives a shit for real. She was pulled from the show which was a dumbass move. You want respect, earn it you monkey with a wig on. Stop trying to be something you aren’t which is a true hip hop artist. Oh yeah, and you will never be Lil Kim either. Be you. The fuckin retard you are. Thats how you get respect. And contrary your beliefs, your fan base ain’t as large as you think it is Nicki with all that fuckery you have going on in your videos and on stage. That takes too much attention away from the damn song. And I wouldn’t care if you never performed at any shows. There are plenty real hip hop artist out there. And if you mad about that comment that means you’re insecure within yourself. And if that comment made you or wayne cancel a show, then you will cancel many more in the future because others have and will make not so nice comments about your music. Cry a river, build a bridge and get over it. From the looks of things you won’t be around long anyways. LOSERVILLE!!!!!

  • Dope_Boy_Fresh

    Oh yeah and Flex, man up next time. Don’t be so quick to run your mouth if you’re not willing to stand behind your words!! Back paddling is not acceptable playa!

  • Chadfella_UK

    Dear XXL MAG,
    You should have another poll, asking how many people actually care about this.
    yours sincerly,

  • aaron

    Nicki did not win the arguement..she said she sold more records then anyone on that stage and she was wrong..Lauryn Hill sold more Records and has more grammys then her…The point she was trying to make sounded like she thought she was bigger then Hip Hop..The concert is the biggest annual Hip Hop concert…she should have been there Period!…Her whole camp wants to be everything but Hip Hop…Wayne wants to be a Rocker, Drake wants to be a R&B singer, and Nicki should be a actor because she pretends to be Missy, Lil Kim, and Lady Gaga…Open your eyes my people if you come from the streets, it is great for the come up, but never turn your back on it because you can never come back!……Fuck young Money!…….Funk Master Flex you the man and stick to your words!

  • Fernando

    Are you all kidding me?! does hot 97 put on the concert?!

    If they don’t like her music then why the fuck did they book her?!!

    She does what she does and the idiots at this station should only invite “real hip hop” acts if that’s what they want. She did nothing wrong here at all.

    I’m not a big nicki fan by any means but this makes no sence on flexs’ part. he’s being the bitch here

  • relavent

    just because shes a rapper doesnt mean she cant expand to newer crowds, she has an empire behind her,opi,purfume,clothes,MAC shes raking in money.
    shes set apart form the rest because shes shone that she can sell with out talking bout her pussy, wihtout selling sex, she can be sexy but shes not a whore(lil kim)

    again and again shes broken records and set new ones
    she makes music that appeals to more people thats whats good about her., Moment 4 life,champion,autobiography,gun shot,fly …..then theres the radio savvy stuff….Pound the alarm,superbass, whip it, starships.

    and….. you dont invite someone to preform and have your wack ass dj diss them. you used their name to sell tickets, show a little respect.

    shes a a lane of her own.

  • Papa G

    Starships is bullshit, nuff said. There’s really no debate on that hahahahaahahha young money made her into a whack pop artist. she shouldn’t even be fucking with the hip hop world. go hang out with lmfao and katy perry.

    I think wayne fucked up her hip hop image.

  • It’s all a fix

    The formula is at work again: develop a hood/urban base, make music the ppl want to hear, become bigger & more celebrated, then switch up & sellout. Another Oreo cookie.