The biggest news to come out of Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2012 wasn’t who performed. Unfortunately, it was about who didn’t.

Nicki Minaj, the scheduled headliner who was supposed to close out the mega concert at Metlife Stadium on Sunday night (June 3), skipped out on performing after a radio personality, from the same station, dissed her "Starships" record earlier in the evening.

“Now hold on, before I get to the real hip-hop shit today…because I see the real hip-hop heads sprinkled in here, I see ’em,” Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg said, before introducing Kendrick Lamar. “I know there’s some chicks here waiting to see the ‘Starships’ later…I’m not talk to ya’ll now. Fuck that bullshit! I’m here to talk about real hip-hop shit!’” [Watch clip below]

It wasn’t the first time Rosenberg criticized and put down Nicki’s crossover single.

But word of Rosenberg’s latest insult must of got back to Lil Wayne because it prompted Weezy to pull Nicki from closing out the show.

“Young Money ain’t doing summer jam,” Wayne tweeted.

In turn, the Young Money princess responded with a tweet of her own.

“Wow. U niggaz just fucked up history. But the President has spoken. #YMCMB.”

She continued, tweeting into the night.

“Had a HELL of a fucking lineup. But we won’t be disrespected,” she added. “I go above and beyond for my fans. But won’t ever go against Wayne’s word. What he says, goes. I’d like to thank the staff @ philly & boston summer jams for treating their guests w/respect! Had a blast.”

As the controversy was building live, Lil’ Kim seized the moment to poke fun at her rival:

“Have a great show!!! Break a leg!!!! Hahahaha!!!!” Kim tweeted.

Nicki’s aforementioned ire later turned to joy, though, as she tweeted, “Gettin bent,” accompanied by a picture of herself and Foxy Brown.





“Foxy cam’ron beenie and spragga benz in here gettin bent w/us. We 200 deep. Dancehall on blast!!!!”

Nicki skipping out on the show didn't sit well with Hot 97’s outspoken DJ, Funkmaster Flex, who blasted her during his high-energy set between acts last night.

“We ain’t fuckin’ with commercial rappers no more,” Flex shouted to the thousands in attendance. “If you lost the fuckin’ streets it’s your fault!! If you don’t go gold, it’s your fault!! I’m dedicated to tearing you down! Fuck with me! We gon’ show you mama, you think you didn’t sell any records this time?”

“Tune in to me [Monday] at 7 o’clock,” Flex added. “I’m gonna ruin a career.”

Flex’s rant aside, the show had to go on and it did last night without Nicki. Nas helped save the day with a set that include the legendary Lauryn Hill, taking the stage and performing Fugees hit, “Ready or Not” and her own smash, “Lost Ones.” She also performed the hook to Nas’ “If I Ruled The World.” French Montana bringing out Ma$e also earned a huge pop from the crowd. Rick Ross, flanked by his MMG cornerstone artists Meek Mill and Wale, wound up closing out the show in Nicki's place.

Before taking the air alongside Cipha Sounds and Kay Foxx on Hot 97’s morning show Monday (June 4), Rosenberg defended his remarks on Twitter:

“last night i said nothing different than I have ever said…it was not a personal was starships is shit..WHICH WE ALL KNOW IS TRUE.”

He did so again, once he took the air.

“Apparently that alone [his ‘Starships’ remark] made Nicki Minaj say, ‘I’m not doing Summer…’ No, no, Lil Wayne say, ‘Young Money will not doing Summer Jam.’”

“You and Young Money decided to skip out on history,” Rosenberg said. “Nicki…the ball is in your court. I would love to talk to you.”

Hot 97's direct morning show competition, New York City's Power 105's The Breakfast Club, used the occasion to make Hot 97 the "Donkey of The Day" on Monday.

Check back with for more coverage on this situation.—Mark Lelinwalla