Nicki Minaj Should Have Performed at Summer Jam: Poll Results

When Lil Wayne decided to pull Nicki Minaj as the headlining act for Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2012 concert at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Sunday night (June 3), the decision was instantly met with controversy with fans left torn.

Some fans thought that Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg crossed the line by labeling Nicki’s “Starships” single as “bullshit” earlier in the Summer Jam festivities on Sunday. Others thought no matter what was said, Nicki should have taken the Summer Jam stage and closed the show as scheduled, especially considering her fans paid to see her.

All this being said, XXL asked fans what they thought about the Summer Jam debacle involving Nicki, Wayne and Young Money artists. In a poll question Monday (June 4), XXL asked, ‘Should Nicki Minaj have skipped her Summer Jam performance?

Sixty-seven percent of fans replied, ‘No, fans paid to see her close the show. She should have performed no matter what.’ Thirty-three percent of fans responded by saying, ‘Yes, Peter Rosenberg’s remarks about ‘Starships’ crossed the line.’

In an interview with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex on Monday night, Nicki stood by her boss, Lil Wayne’s decision to yank her and Young Money from Summer Jam.

I am not a quitter,” Minaj continued. “I don’t back down from anything. Wayne gave me a very valuable lesson yesterday in knowing my worth. Wayne has been my mentor. Wayne’s the one who co-signed me through the last wall.

“Lil Wayne gave me a valuable lesson in self-worth,” she added. “Nick we ain’t doing that show. I don’t go against the President of my own label. Before I had New York radio, I had Wayne. We as a team ain’t getting on that stage. I’m not going against Wayne.”

During the same interview, she also promised her New York City fans a free concert.—Mark Lelinwalla

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    YMCMB likes to think they are the business BUT the fans are the business and if you don’t deliver for the fans then your out of Business… Minaj was trying to say she learned a valuable lesson and what she did learn from that lesson was at the expense of fans in her home town… Hip Hop/ Rap is garbage these days… you got a canadian Jew, a troll wanna be skateboarder, a ex corrections officer and a plastic wanna be black barbie running the show, lol it’s a JOKE. MC Hammer looks hard as fuck in comparison to these guys.

  • Whitney

    I heard she preformed a secret show with Maad MaxXx and Kadeve instead that night. Wish I could have been there :/

  • yea1

    first of all, Starships is bullshit. how can u call that song hip hop? it sounds like it was made for Katy Perry or some Pop artist. That shit aint hip hop and she knows it, idk why she even got mad at Rosenburg. Second, she should of performed anyways and ignored his comments. Shit, if YMCMBitches are gonna start getting mad at what everyone says there wont be a YMCMBitch team anymore cuz everyone says theyre fake and they suck and should stop making music!!!!!! THANK YOU BASED GOD!!!!!!

  • Dope_Boy_Fresh

    Ok here we go again. Please stop killing us with this story. I have never heard the song and probably wont. She effed up and that was a bad call to pull out of the show when you brag about al the fans you supposedly brought in to the show. If you cared that much about them, then you should have performed. And once again, he is not to first to make comments about your garbage ass songs and he wont he the last. Cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it. Now your fans see what they truly mean to you. NOTHING!!!! stop even talking about this garbage ass chick. She ain’t relevant and she’s definitely a NON-MUTHA-FUCKIN-FACTOR! !There are way too many other relevant true hip-hop artist that true to the game and wouldn’t walk away from a show because of a comment. If she was true to the game and was a real artist, she would have bust a mean verse off the dome and chewed him up on stage. Then shut it down. Thats what you should have done dummy! So be prepared to cancel several more shows cause it will happen again. And Flex, the next time you open your mouth and talk trash, be man enough to stand behind it. Don’t let nobody make you back paddle out of it. You lost mad cool points for that. Mean what you say and say what you mean nicca.

  • aaron

    Nicki is crazy when she said that she sold more records then everyone at the Concert…Lauryn Hill sold more records and won 6 Grammies…so she is wrong….Her whole camp thinks that they are bigger than Hip Hop and radio……Summer Jam is the biggest of all Radio Concerts and from the biggest Market……..they need to learn that record labels and artist needs radio…Not the other way around….Hot 97 is owned by Emmis Broadcasting…Do you know how many radio stations they own across the country…..Please wake up Young Money…….you are not that big!

  • MoreLess

    fuck nicki that shit aint rap why would real hip hop heads go and see a pop show?? Fuck Starships

  • Master Chuks

    What was that, If you aren’t OK with that, please we need you to sing a stage song for us here in Nigeria. You said it. So be it.