When Lil Wayne decided to pull Nicki Minaj as the headlining act for Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2012 concert at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Sunday night (June 3), the decision was instantly met with controversy with fans left torn.

Some fans thought that Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg crossed the line by labeling Nicki’s “Starships” single as “bullshit” earlier in the Summer Jam festivities on Sunday. Others thought no matter what was said, Nicki should have taken the Summer Jam stage and closed the show as scheduled, especially considering her fans paid to see her.

All this being said, XXL asked fans what they thought about the Summer Jam debacle involving Nicki, Wayne and Young Money artists. In a poll question Monday (June 4), XXL asked, ‘Should Nicki Minaj have skipped her Summer Jam performance?

Sixty-seven percent of fans replied, ‘No, fans paid to see her close the show. She should have performed no matter what.’ Thirty-three percent of fans responded by saying, ‘Yes, Peter Rosenberg’s remarks about ‘Starships’ crossed the line.’

In an interview with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex on Monday night, Nicki stood by her boss, Lil Wayne’s decision to yank her and Young Money from Summer Jam.

I am not a quitter,” Minaj continued. “I don’t back down from anything. Wayne gave me a very valuable lesson yesterday in knowing my worth. Wayne has been my mentor. Wayne’s the one who co-signed me through the last wall.

“Lil Wayne gave me a valuable lesson in self-worth,” she added. “Nick we ain’t doing that show. I don’t go against the President of my own label. Before I had New York radio, I had Wayne. We as a team ain’t getting on that stage. I’m not going against Wayne.”

During the same interview, she also promised her New York City fans a free concert.—Mark Lelinwalla