Nicki Minaj on Hot 97 Summer Jam Debacle: “I Still Love Them Over There At The Station”

Nicki Minaj isn’t holding onto her beef with Hot 97 for the Summer Jam debacle that left her walking away as the  mega concert’s headliner earlier this month.

That was nearly four weeks, ago, though and Nicki isn’t mad at her hometown radio station and arguably the most powerful in the country, any more.

“I feel like it happened and there is no animosity, I still love them over there at the station,” Nicki told the UK’s Tim Westwood. “They’ve helped me a lot as well. It’s not like we’re walking around being angry, we just wanted to prove that one point and that was that.”

By now, fans know that Lil Wayne chose to yank Minaj from headlining the mega concert in front of 60,000 fans at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on June 3 after Hot 97 personality, Peter Rosenberg, said that her pop-friendly single, “Starships” was “bullshit.” What probably helped soften Nicki’s stance since was her radio phone call with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex the next night on June 4.

As Nicki and Wayne stressed to the media in subsequent days after the fallout, the decision to yank Minaj from the bill was all about demanding respect.

While continuing to talk to Westwood, Nicki refuted the idea of taking the Summer Jam stage and dissing Rosenberg for bad-mouthing her “Starships” track.

“I don’t want to do that, I want to let people know that I’m not even getting on your stage if you don’t have your mind right,” Nicki said. “That’s the point. See, if you get on the stage, you’re saying next time you can do it again and we’ll have this exchange.”

“The year before that Wayne performed ‘How to Love’ at Summer Jam,” Nicki added. “No one said anything. My thing is the guys do treat the guys different and maybe they feel Nicki Minaj is something to be played with. You have your opinions on radio and all that, but when an artist comes to perform you should just keep it to yourself, just for that one day.”

All this didn’t sit too well with Rosenberg.

“oh no @timwestwood….you really really really just looked CRAZY in that interview with nicki…and talked pretty reckless too man,” Rosenberg tweeted out to the UK’s version of Funk Flex. “the worst part is westwood is my guy…have hung with him multiple times here…oh well…people always choose artists over cohorts.”—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • Chucky

    You let down 50,000 fans.

  • alderman j

    No the host of the event let the fans down by acting with no class, and bad mouthing the artist they hired to headline there concert…ANOTHER LAW ALL GROWN MEN SHOULD GO BY…WHEN YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH BE PREPARED TO PAY THE CONSEQUENCES…HOWEVER THEY COME.

  • miko

    nicki and her stans always want to blame everybody elese instead of blaming nicki for being such a _____ you can fill in the blank… she is the WORSE female rapper in history and is doing the genre all wrong.. never in history has a female rapper acted in this fashion…. but i forgot she really isnt a rapper. the POP world can have this selfish so called diva.

  • tony

    she such dumb bitch

  • smithy

    she was 50 minutes late then decided to mime her concert complete let down to her fans and completely unprofessional to do at any time never mind and 1 of the most well known and major festivals of the year get this girl to fuck

  • anutha_level

    yea, she’s nothing but a gimmick…here today, gone tomorrow. i’d still smash dat hoe tho…and spooge all off in that junt

  • bkfresh83

    these hoes be actin up. what a cunt