After feeling like his artist got insulted earlier in the day, Lil Wayne decided to yank Nicki Minaj as the scheduled headliner from Hot 97’s Summer Jam at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Sunday night (June 3).

The decision was controversial to say the least. One side of the argument is that Nicki was correct to not perform because Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg labeling her single “Starships” as “fucking bullshit” was too disrespectful. The other side of the argument felt like no matter what was said, Nicki owed it to her fans to perform and close out the annual mega concert.

Looking to reach some kind of understanding over the Summer Jam 2012 debacle, Nicki Minaj called renowned Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex on Monday night (June 4) [Listen below].

Talking over each other loudly for a bulk of the phone call, Nicki and Flex did manage to get some major points across.

“What happened was this…my fans didn’t appreciate the comment nor did my fans watching the live stream appreciate the comments,” Minaj explained. “I’m the only woman representing on Summer Jam stage and that’s not the way you boost the moral of the people."

She then stood by Lil Wayne’s decision to yank her, along with a scheduled performance by DJ Khaled, from the bill.

“I am not a quitter,” Minaj continued. “I don’t back down from anything. Wayne gave me a very valuable lesson yesterday in knowing my worth. Wayne has been my mentor. Wayne’s the one who co-signed me through the last wall.

“Lil Wayne gave me a valuable lesson in self-worth,” she added. “Nick we ain’t doing that show. I don’t go against the President of my own label. Before I had New York radio, I had Wayne. We as a team ain’t getting on that stage. I’m not going against Wayne.”

In response, Flex admitted that although he and the station respect and defend Rosenberg’s opinion, hours before the main concert at the stadium probably wasn’t the best time to make the remarks about “Starships.”

However, when Flex flipped the question about Wayne’s decision to Nicki, he got a different response.

“Did Lil Wayne make the right decision not letting 60,000 [fans] see Young Money?” Flex asked.

“Capital Y-E-S,” Nicki responded. “R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me.”

Flex combated that point aggressively.

“We are at fault too and you guys are at fault too,” he said. “We were both at fault. Egos were involved. Not just my ego. Your ego, Wayne’s ego, Ebro’s ego. All of our ego’s. Everybody’s wrong here.”

Nicki didn’t buy that, retorting that the stand she took should empower her fans, especially her female and gay fans.

The Young Money princess also took personal offense to Flex’s live rant at Summer Jam, which included threats of ruining her career and mocking the sales of her latest album.

Still, toward the end of the call, Flex did extend an olive branch to Nicki and Young Money to return to the Summer Jam stage next year.

She added that she plans on headlining a free New York City concert for her fans later this summer.

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