Nicki Minaj and Funkmaster Flex Argue About Summer Jam Debacle Live on Air [Audio] [Poll]

After feeling like his artist got insulted earlier in the day, Lil Wayne decided to yank Nicki Minaj as the scheduled headliner from Hot 97’s Summer Jam at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Sunday night (June 3).

The decision was controversial to say the least. One side of the argument is that Nicki was correct to not perform because Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg labeling her single “Starships” as “fucking bullshit” was too disrespectful. The other side of the argument felt like no matter what was said, Nicki owed it to her fans to perform and close out the annual mega concert.

Looking to reach some kind of understanding over the Summer Jam 2012 debacle, Nicki Minaj called renowned Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex on Monday night (June 4) [Listen below].

Talking over each other loudly for a bulk of the phone call, Nicki and Flex did manage to get some major points across.

“What happened was this…my fans didn’t appreciate the comment nor did my fans watching the live stream appreciate the comments,” Minaj explained. “I’m the only woman representing on Summer Jam stage and that’s not the way you boost the moral of the people.”

She then stood by Lil Wayne’s decision to yank her, along with a scheduled performance by DJ Khaled, from the bill.

“I am not a quitter,” Minaj continued. “I don’t back down from anything. Wayne gave me a very valuable lesson yesterday in knowing my worth. Wayne has been my mentor. Wayne’s the one who co-signed me through the last wall.

“Lil Wayne gave me a valuable lesson in self-worth,” she added. “Nick we ain’t doing that show. I don’t go against the President of my own label. Before I had New York radio, I had Wayne. We as a team ain’t getting on that stage. I’m not going against Wayne.”

In response, Flex admitted that although he and the station respect and defend Rosenberg’s opinion, hours before the main concert at the stadium probably wasn’t the best time to make the remarks about “Starships.”

However, when Flex flipped the question about Wayne’s decision to Nicki, he got a different response.

“Did Lil Wayne make the right decision not letting 60,000 [fans] see Young Money?” Flex asked.

“Capital Y-E-S,” Nicki responded. “R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me.”

Flex combated that point aggressively.

“We are at fault too and you guys are at fault too,” he said. “We were both at fault. Egos were involved. Not just my ego. Your ego, Wayne’s ego, Ebro’s ego. All of our ego’s. Everybody’s wrong here.”

Nicki didn’t buy that, retorting that the stand she took should empower her fans, especially her female and gay fans.

The Young Money princess also took personal offense to Flex’s live rant at Summer Jam, which included threats of ruining her career and mocking the sales of her latest album.

Still, toward the end of the call, Flex did extend an olive branch to Nicki and Young Money to return to the Summer Jam stage next year.

She added that she plans on headlining a free New York City concert for her fans later this summer.

For more coverage on Hot 97 and Nicki Minaj, check back with—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • alt

    bitch ass hoe

  • alt

    bitch will never sell 1o,ooo,ooo

  • lol


  • 过敏性鼻炎能治好吗



      co-sign u 1000% brotha

    • sdk

      NO DOUBT

  • simpleTom

    truthfully, it had nothing to do with nikki minaj or young money. Summerjam is one of the few concerts for real hip hop that is geared for the streets. commercial rap artist have their venues on BET, MTV and Billboard award shows. summerjam should just keep it gully.

  • nart223

    rappers are too sensitive these days

  • crooklynite

    good job if only we can get rid of the other 99% (we still need the 1% to kick around evry now and then) of wack ass ‘rappers’ (the usual suspects:weezy,wacka flocka,nicki minaj) then we’re headed in the right direction

  • Macky

    i’m not a hater but these wack rappers push me hard to hate on them. So you know what?
    FUCK Nicki, FUCK Wayne and FUCK ALL THESE fake mofos!

    long life the real HipHop!

  • RJ II

    I think Nicki won this debate. Rosenberg may have been right about her music being pop but he wouldn’t have done that with any other artist.

  • Codis

    This bitch is way too butthurt.

  • Beantown Reppin

    Good, she has no business headlining Summer Jam anyways…it’s a hip-hop show, not pop. The days of something like Jay bringing out MJ are all over and this is what an institution has become…that’s the saddest part.

  • betty

    In my opinion, she just wanted to do the secret show with Maad Maxxx and kadeve instead. Its pretty lame she chose like 100 fans over 60,000 though.

  • KILA

    Funk Flex is a bitch ass nigga. Straight up. Rosenberg shouldnt diss the headlining act. Hot 97 didnt deserve for her to grace the stage after that fuckd up komment. Even if he didnt like that song there is a time and place for everything. Show some respect. Nobody kame to see Rosenberg do shit. Fuck all that bullshit. Hot 97 Disrespected. YMCMB aint doin the show. An hour long arguement wasnt needed to explain them simple facts. Flex is a bitch this nigga said he was gonna ruin her kareer? How the fuck he gon do that when she selln records in China, Canada AND UK?

    this shit kray

  • Hi-Cee420

    To me, whether you like Nicki’s music or not, Rosenberg was all the way out of line with this. At the end of the day this is a business deal and you wouldn’t insult a party you’re doing business with before the deal is solidified. If it was a man he wouldn’t have done that shit so that makes his point, no matter how vaild some may think it is, a prime example of hoe shit. If it was all like that why even invite her to perform?

  • KD

    Here’s my issue on this with Hot 97. If she’s not hip hop, but pop, why even asked them to be part of the show if they know how YMCMB (especially Nicki Minaj) are with the music they put out? It wouldn’t have been an issue if they didn’t invite them to come to Summer Jam. It was a waste of time especially they know Rosenberg dislikes her. I understand you can’t let an opinion shake you up, but you gotta be the bigger person and do it for the fans. Fuck the station, do it for the fans that paid their money to see their performer. At least get on stage and push back and say fuck em.



  • http://xxl tupac

    fuck flex

  • adonisaliassoupbone

    Bad business is BAD BUSINESS.

    P.Rosenberg needs to apologize to the EVERYBODY in attendance at that show……ain’t no telln what they missed out on…..if THEY PAID to see Nicki Minaj P.Rosengerg’s underpaid ass needs to learn the peckn order….plus Starships is one song…..a song that can be switched up and remixed in a heartbeat….aint no telln what or how the song would have been performed.

    So what…. the DJ’s at Hot 97 are bigger than the fans and the artists, WOW.

  • 619

    Bottom line is this got nothin to do with Nicki. Flex runs his mouth too much all the time, he did this with real legends before. Politics run Flex, not real hip hop, the radio station tells Flex what to do. This is the same fool that pulled Nas music off the station for one of the greatest Summer Jam disses ever. The same fool that said fuck Tupac a decade after he died. Whether or not Nicki is hip hop, when a radio DJ gets onstage at a concert and says he’s gonna ruin your career and clowns your record sales what do you expect her to do?

  • James Brown

    This gal is really dumb,she simply cant get silly

  • Jazzlen Breeze

    Nicki Minaj did the right thing by not performing…You gonna Dis’ a person in front of the audience and then expect them to perform…..Get tha’ fuck outta here…That’s part of what’s wrong with radio today, DJ’s thinking they are more important than the music and saying reckless shit…She said she’s gonna make it up to he NY fans with a free concert that’s good enough for me…Nicki you did the right thing by rolling with Lil Wayne’s decision….Like Michael told Fredo, Never Take Sides Against The Family!!!!!

    • True Dat

      True Dat. I would have done the same thing. The artist does not need the radio, the radio needs the artist.

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    المرنة هي المراجع هو!