Mack Maine Downplays Young Money and G.O.O.D. Music Beef

Just because Lil Wayne dropped the diss track, “Goulish,” in response to Pusha T’s, “Exodus 23:1” record, that doesn’t mean that an all-out rap war between Young Money and G.O.O.D. Music is about to erupt.

Young Money president Mack Maine tried to explain just that in a recent interview with MTV News.

“It’s not like that,” Maine said. “I don’t see it like that. That’s not what we in the game for. If it ever came to that, God forbid, that’s a whole different story, but right now we’re just tryin’ to get paper, we’re just tryin’ to get money, man, and make good music.”

As possible proof of no more further sparks between the two camps, Mack points to Weezy’s new “My Homies Still,” which features G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean and serves as the lead single off Wayne’s upcoming album, I Am Not a Human Being II.

“And that was a great song that was made before that situation happened, and I’m not ’bout to go into the studio and tell Wayne to take [Big Sean] off,” Mack Maine explained. “Wayne not tryna take him off — he’s good peeps, he’s fam. He killed it. I think that’s big for him. We’re always collabin’ with people and he earned it, he earned his way.”

Of course, YMCMB doesn’t have the same love for Pusha, in static that dates back much farther past the release of his “Exodus 23:1” track.

“In a nutshell, if a gnat or a fly keep flyin’ around you, eventually you gonna swing and swat it and just get it out the way,” Mack said, referring to Pusha as an annoying insect and Wayne’s ‘Goulish’ track, the fly swatter. “Sometimes you swat it and the gnat dies; sometimes it just go away. … You can keep flyin’, just fly somewhere else, though. We chillin’.”—Jakinder Singh

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  • RealNoliaBoi

    Mack maine got his story together when he was brushing cum off his toothus

  • rrxxx

    Pusha is more like a wasp than a gnat or a fly…gtfoh

  • Doggden’s RedRum

    Wayne reppin that flag, so we reppin wayne soo woo



    • fireforreal

      Yor an idiot. Wayne didn’t start repping blood until like 2005. He’s been making records and videos since 97 and NEVER had a bolld or any gang affiliation reference. He became a blood when it became convient like around when Game came out and Jim Jones started claiming to be a blood LOL Wayne was all about,Hot boys and the projects in New orleans just thuggin. Nw he’s a blood and only mentions miami LOL

  • philly boy

    Pusha been spittin fire for years. Wayne is a weirdo who skates one week, syrup the next, then kissin baby in the mouth next.”gtfoh” Body him Pusha, wish Malice was still in it so you two could body the entire ymcm chumps, them n***az is wack

  • UptMonsta

    Philly boy, this pusha nigga has not made impactful music. The best shit that I have ever heard from him is the What Happened To That Boy with none other than Birdman. YMCMB is getting checks and feeding their babies. Everybody talk about sells are not everything, but thats bullshit. Thats like Lebron saying winning is not everything. Wayne sold a milli in a week off of grimey singles 6ft7ft and “John” have are as far away from Pop as a single can be. What has pusha done that has made an impact?

  • Stuey J

    @ UPTMONSTA, are you honestly serious with your comment? Think about this “From ghetto to ghetto to back yard to yard, I copped off one brick, thanks to hard!” GRINDING! Plus many more countless albums and mixtapes of nothing but pure fire in lyrics, and that real COKE music. Now think of it this way, when the clipse first came out weezy was just getting off the HOT BOYS and about to drop his first solo album BEFORE ALL THE BLOOD talk. So when it comes to has put together some nice classic hits, PUSHA wins everytime thanks to the clipse.

    No hate to wayne, but 50 Cent said it best, when you pick your battles right, you win, but when you respond to a battle that you know isn’t worth it, you lose everytime.! In this factor pusha picked the right battle, drake should’ve responded with a track and not wayne, WAYNE picked a battle he’s not going to win at all.

    So conclusion, pusha get’s album sales, YMCMB is put into question if drake is loyal to them or not, and of course wayne continues to be wayne and do what he does.

    Pusha comes out with a Victory YMCMB takes’ the L!

  • Nemo Gunz

    Pusha > Wayne. Quality > Quantity. I’m a fan of Wayne but the quality of Wayne’s catalog has diminished greatly since the Tha Carter III. The numbers are there but haters hate him more and fans are slowly loosing interest with the mediocre music being pushed out. Wayne is targeting for numbers or that hit single and he has every right to do so but eventually, he’ll lose respect from artists and his fans as well. Wayne needs to put the guitar down and get back to the basics.

    • CaponeMOB

      @ Nemo gunz

      “Wayne’s catalog has diminished greatly since the Tha Carter III”.

      ^^^^^^ nigga were you been at? his quality of his music had been diminishing since the Carter ll. and to me Wayne never been an Elite lyricist to begin with. all that Best rapper Alive bullshit Fooled all you niggaz into thinkin he could take it to the MIC against Nas,Pusha T,Eminem them niggaz are in a diffrent weight class/Division sport nigga. to me wayne is on the same Level as Gucci mane,he’s just more flashy with the flow,and he tricks all you niggaz into thinkin his punchlines are Fire,and you young dumb niggaz think having a mediocre punch line some how makes you a Lyricist?…SMH

  • dallas boy

    pusha destroyed that boy matter a fact wayne destroyed himself by sayin “ima alien i hope your not tha prince of bel air”…is he really that dumb..seriously did no one say umm wayne your diss makes no sense?wayne gay and a wannabe blood and a horrible rapper..i completely agree with caponemob accept his music has diminished greatly since his first single..pusha got tha w

    • dallas boys are dumb

      are you really that dumb? the prince of bel-air was will smith who played in men in black and killed aliens. over your head.


    I liked the guy you are referring to as Wayne when he was known as “Animal” and played drums on the Muppet Show along with his friend who did the news the Eagle aka Drake. Not feeling them as “rappers” as much.
    All this Shit is Moot. if you gang bang and/or drug deal on or off wax you work for the feds as you are assisting in completing the mission which is to KILL BLACK, LATINO, & LOWER CAST people and fill privately owned prisons!!!