Ludacris hopes fans are as excited about his upcoming album, Ludaversal, as he is.

“This album, Ludaversal, it’s all about progression,” Luda recently told MTV News. “We’re taking it to heights that you never seen before. I've had seven albums, so right now it's about trying to go places that I haven't been.

“I've traveled over the world for the past year and I brought a lot of experiences back with me and put 'em in the music," he added. "I've had a lot of personal experiences, so you're going to get to know the real me and things that have been going on over the past three or four years."

Earlier this month, Luda introduced the LP’s first single, “Jingalin,” which is a play off LL Cool J’s classic single, “Jingling Baby.”

In a recent interview with Bootleg Kev, Luda told fans that they’re going to get the same kind of rhyming versatility that he’s become synonymous with through the years on the new LP.

“The direction is, you say you like the lyrical Luda, of course you have the introspective Luda, you have the fun Luda, you have the storytelling Luda… it’s everything all balled in one, but it’s going to come together in an organized fashion and it’s going to be right,” he told Kev. “We just got hit singles for days, we got songs that you can just vibe to, I got songs that are straight lyrical. We got everything, so it’s a complete spectrum of every damn thing.”

Ludacris’ hopes to release Ludaversal on his birthday, September 11, but he previously suggested that the filming on the new, Fast and Furious movie could alter that proposed date.—Jakinder Singh